Yummy Mummy

Before you became a mum, you probably didn’t think twice about snatching some ‘me-time’. Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine getting five minutes alone in the bathroom, much less an entire afternoon, but being a mummy doesn’t have to equate to looking frumpy. Resolve to leave the kids with your hubby for a few of hours and indulge in some post-partum pampering. Treating yourself to teeth whitening in London will wipe years off you.

The Smile Studio London teeth whitening in London treatment will transform you into one hot mama in 60 minutes. Armed with a set of specially designed home whitening trays to wear for two hours per day for 14 days, you’ll go from slummy mummy to yummy mummy in a flash. It will set you back £295 (down from £595) and your teeth will be 10 shades brighter, leaving you feeling more confident and ready to face yet another set of sticky fingers on the carpet!

If you want to rock a great smile for less, then why not opt for the ‘Perfect Trays’ tooth whitening in London treatment? Costing £195, reduced from £295, you’ll need to wear them for two hours a day for 14 days for your teeth to go up to four shades whiter. After a quick check up with one of our dentist, impressions are taken and your trays will be ready to collect within three working days. Smile on, new mummy!

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