Why Do Teeth Become Darker?

As a Natural Part of Aging

Having white teeth is definitely something that is associated with being young, and there is little doubt that teeth whitening in London could help to give a more youthful appearance. It is a fact of life that teeth darken with age, and although some lucky people may be blessed with a permanently white smile they are few and far between. The reason for this is because all teeth are covered with tooth enamel. This is a very hard substance that protects the softer, inner layers of the teeth. When we are young this layer tends to be quite thick, but gradually becomes thinner as we age. The trouble with this is that it allows more of the natural tooth color contained in the underlying layer of dentin to show through, creating a darkening effect. This effect can be clearly seen if you compare the teeth of a younger person with someone who is older. Younger people’s teeth tend to be more uniformly white, or the same shade, and don’t have much translucency on the incisal edge, or tip of the tooth. In comparison the teeth of an older person frequently appear to be more translucent towards the tip of the tooth, due to the thinner layer of tooth enamel.

Tooth Staining Due to Lifestyle Choices

Although age is frequently a factor, teeth can also darken due to lifestyle choices. Culprits include coffee, tea, red and white wine and smoking. Some antibiotic drugs can also cause teeth stains, as can exposure to excess fluoride during childhood while the teeth are still developing. Teeth can also become stained due to poor oral hygiene.

The Solution

There is no need to put up with having stained or darker teeth these days, as teeth whitening in London can easily restore a smile to its former glory, or can even whiten teeth to well beyond their natural shade. It isn’t even that expensive, as you can have your teeth safely and professionally whitened in your dental surgery in London for a lot less than you might imagine.

Your first step is to make an appointment with our dental surgery as it is essential that tooth whitening in London is carried out on a healthy mouth. We’ll check to make sure your teeth and gums are free from disease before discussing the most suitable method of teeth whitening with you.

Our chair side whitening service is quick and very effective, and is perfect if you need to get a whiter smile in time for a big event. Our products are especially designed and formulated to ensure any sensitivity is kept to a minimum, and we’ll provide you with a take-home kit to continue the process at home.

Not everyone wants to whiten their teeth as quickly, and our Perfect Trays System offers custom made whitening trays for use at home. These are used with car amide peroxide gel, and will gently whiten the teeth over the course of several weeks for up to two hours each day. Another solution is to choose our Get2Smile system, an award winning system that doesn’t use trays, as it has a low-grade heating device to use with the bleaching gel. The use of heat helps the gel to penetrate the teeth more easily and effectively, and needs only be used for forty minutes a day over the course of two weeks.

This is just a brief overview of your choices for teeth whitening in London, and we’d be more than happy to answer any other questions you may have during your consultation with our dentist.