Is It Safe to Whiten Teeth after Chemotherapy?

While undergoing chemotherapy, you’ve probably not been too concerned about the colour of your teeth, but certain treatments for cancer, especially for head and neck cancers, can affect the colour of the enamel and the dentine. But how soon after finishing treatment is it safe to undergo teeth whitening in London?

Chemotherapy Affects Different People in Different Ways

The exact length of time can largely depend on how you feel, and the types of side effects caused by the treatments.Chemotherapy and readiotherapy can cause a number of different side effects, such as dry mouth, ulcers, and a burning tongue, and it is obviously important to get any oral health problems sorted out before having cosmetic dental treatments.

Although Dr. Chan always gives patients a thorough checkup before providing teeth whitening treatments, it may be worth contacting your own oncology dentist, or whoever looked after you during treatment to make sure they are happy for you to go ahead. For instance if they think you may need further treatment, they may recommend you wait a while.

If you have developed dry mouth as a result of having chemotherapy, then they may be able to suggest ways of how to deal with this condition, especially as it could affect tooth whitening in London. This is because the process dehydrates the teeth slightly, but the teeth naturally rehydrates within 24 hours or so due to the presence of saliva. It is preferable for teeth to rehydrate after bleaching as the tooth enamel can be a little more fragile and brittle at this stage, and the teeth are more susceptible to staining and during this period. This is one of the reasons dentists recommend following an all-white diet immediately after tooth bleaching.

In general tooth whitening in London should be perfectly fine provided you don’t have any serious oral health issues. The methods used at the Smile Studio are especially safe and well tested. They should not have any serious impact on a healthy mouth. The systems used at the Smile Studio are designed to help minimise or eliminate tooth sensitivity, something that can sometimes be an issue after chemotherapy treatment. Dr Wyman Chan or another dentist will be able to decide which system is most suitable for your needs. The Perfect Trays system is meant to be used at home, and whitens teeth slowly over a couple of weeks. It is a very gentle method of whitening and the results are easily controlled. If teeth become especially sensitive after using the trays, then it’s possible to refrain from bleaching for a day or so to let them settle down again. The Harper’s Bazaar award-winning Get2Smile system is also designed for home use but doesn’t use trays. Instead the bleaching gel is activated by a small low energy heating device. This method is also very safe, and is a little quicker to use each day than the bleaching trays.

Chair side teeth whitening in London Smile Studio is different from many other whitening systems in that it doesn’t use UV light to activate the bleaching gel. Instead the gel is activated using an iPower system that uses thermal diffusion technology. This is an accurate and highly controlled method of using heat energy to increase the efficacy of the bleaching gel. This system may be preferable, especially for people who may be more susceptible to UV light, or anyone who has a history of skin cancer.

Provided you have been given the all clear by a dentist, then teeth whitening in London should be safe after chemotherapy.