What is a Perfect Smile?

If you’re thinking about having teeth whitening in London, then you’re probably interested in getting a more perfect smile, but what exactly does this mean? There are several aspects that make your smile beautiful, as for example it can depends on the number of teeth that are visible when you smile or laugh.

The Length of your Teeth

If you smile slightly then ideally you should be showing the tips of your upper teeth. Another thing to consider is if your teeth are in proportion. Ideally your front two teeth, your central incisors, should be a little longer than the teeth either side, your lateral incisors, as this creates a more youthful and appealing smile line. Your canines should be approximately the same length as your central incisors.

Are Your Teeth the Right Width, or Do they Stick Out?

The next thing to consider is the width of your front teeth, as front teeth that are too narrow can make your face look longer, while those that are too wide can make your face appear slightly fatter. Another concern is if front teeth stick out, as lots of people simply didn’t get the chance for orthodontic treatment as children. Nowadays there are lots of different options for orthodontic treatment, as while traditional braces are still the best option for some orthodontic cases, many others will be suitable for invisible braces that are far less obtrusive.

Having a Gap In Between the Front Teeth

Lots of people have a slight gap in between the front teeth, called a diastema. While this may not be considered a perfect smile, it can actually look quite nice and adds character. There are a number of famous people, such as Madonna and Samuel L. Jackson who have a diastema, and their smiles would not be the same without it. If you really hate the gap between your two front teeth then options include using veneers to minimise or close it completely, or orthodontic treatment.

Does it Really Matter if a Smile is Less Than Perfect?

Most people’s natural smiles will have minor imperfections, as it would be very rare to be born with teeth that are considered perfect. But does this really matter? The truth is that for most of us it probably doesn’t, and these imperfections can make a smile more unique and endearing. Options such as veneering or crowning teeth can be quite costly, and orthodontic treatment will take anywhere from six months to two years to complete.

In comparison teeth whitening in London is an easy fix to brightening up a smile, and can help make minor imperfections less noticeable. People are more likely to be critical about teeth they perceive as being stained and yellow than they are about a nice white smile which automatically draws compliments. Teeth that are slightly crooked are less noticeable when their colour is uniformly white. Dr Wyman Chan’s Smile Studio can produce amazing results within as little as an hour, at costs that are very affordable, but ultimately the choice is yours.

If you are genuinely bothered by the shape and size of your teeth, or their alignment then it may be worth your while investigating more extensive cosmetic dental surgery to be used in combination with tooth whitening in London.