We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday

Lads have very different concerns to girls when it comes to going on holiday with their mates. Wobbly bits and having the best swimwear really doesn’t concern you guys, so what does?

Well, among the younger groups the biggest concern is who can pull the most girls. So, how are you going to achieve this? We suggest some teeth whitening in London before you go away, there are crucial ‘man points’ riding on it after all…

You’re going to have plenty of competition so you need to stand out from the crowd. Whatever you do, don’t do this with loud shirts, that’s a technique bound to work against you. Instead, try a bit of cheeky chappy charm to woo the object of your desire.

And what goes best with this tactic? A matching smile, of course. One tip here, yellow teeth are not a good look. Even your summer tan isn’t going to make them seem brighter. You need to get yourself some tooth whitening in London before you jet off. You’ll have gleaming teeth in just under an hour – we guarantee they’ll be whiter than your white bits!

For a smile that’s sure to dazzle the ladies, make sure you have teeth whitening in London before your holiday. Call 020 7439 0888 today.