Wallis Day Has Teeth Whitening In London

Known for her roles in Casanova, Between Two Worlds and Hollyoaks, Wallis Day is viewed as one of Tinsletown’s most promising rising stars. She is currently taking over TV screens in the US, thanks to her role in Krypton, the Superman prequel on Syfy. Not to mention, she has modelled for the likes of Garnier, Superdry and Nike. Is there no end to this girl’s talent?

Wallis is based in Los Angeles these days, but during her most recent trip home, she headed straight to our clinic to have the British treatment.

After her teeth whitening in London appointment, she tweeted “Wyman, thank you sooo much for my Hollywood smile! I’ll be back! Wallis xxx”

You’re welcome, Wallis. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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