Turn Back The Clock With Teeth Whitening in London

Yellow teeth, receding gums and teeth that wobble: what you can do to keep your teeth looking young and healthy?


As we age, our mouth – like our body – can go through many changes, but a good brushing routine, regular dental check-ups and curtailing your sugar consumption can help to keep your teeth in your mouth rather than in a glass beside the bed.

Gum disease

Many of us suffer from gum disease as we age. It is caused by plaque made up of food and bacteria, which forms on the surface of teeth on a daily basis. If this is not cleaned off the gums can become infected.

Left untreated, gums recede and the jawbone underneath becomes affected, causing teeth to fall out. And losing teeth is not the only consequence of gum disease. Research shows that those with higher levels of the bacteria responsible for gum disease are more likely to suffer from narrowing arteries and eventually heart disease and stroke. Bleeding gums are usually the first sign. Other symptoms include soreness, bad breath, swelling and sensitivity.

Caring for your gums

The best way to protect gums is to brush your teeth and gums for at least two minutes morning and night. You should also floss to clean between teeth. Focus on the space between teeth where plaque tends to build up. Remember: teeth have five surfaces.


Teeth stain as we grow older. Decay, fillings, coffee and red wine drinking and possibly smoking all contribute. Consider professional tooth whitening in London for a youthful, healthy-looking smile.

How food affects teeth

Fizzy drinks are acidic, contributing to tooth decay. Imagine sandpaper against your enamel and you get the picture. And foods like crusty bread that need tearing can chip your teeth.

Calcium-rich foods like cheese can help to boost tooth health. And a study in the British Dental Journal showed that vitamin D works with calcium to help counter bone loss and inflammation caused by gum disease.

Visit your dentist

It’s crucial that you pay a visit to your dentist twice a year to stave off serious problems.

For a more youthful smile, why not contact a teeth whitening in London dentist today on 020 7439 0888?