Is Tooth Whitening in London Completely Safe?

Most people, if they were completely honest would love to have a whiter smile, as teeth whitening in London is one of the most common cosmetic dental treatments available. It is easy to see why, as it’s possible to have whiter teeth fairly cheaply, even if you choose to have your teeth whitened professionally by a top dentist such as Dr. Chan at the Smile Studio in London, but is it completely safe?

This is a common question amongst people who have never tried teeth whitening products before, and the answer can depend on several different things. Generally speaking teeth whitening should be completely safe provided adequate precautions have been taken beforehand. It is vitally important to have a thorough checkup before using any type of bleaching product, and this is something a reputable dentist will want to do anyway. If your dentist finds any sign of disease such as decay or gum disease then they’ll strongly recommend you get these problems sorted out beforehand. Professional checkups go a long way towards helping to prevent any problems arising from tooth whitening in London.

Problems That Can Arise Due to Teeth Whitening Treatments in London

One of the most common side effects of teeth whitening is increased tooth sensitivity. This can be due to the peroxide gel penetrating deep into the tooth, reaching the sensitive pulp area. This can irritate the nerves contained in the pulp. You are more at risk of this side effect occurring if you choose to whiten your teeth while having untreated areas of decay or cavities in your teeth.

It is more likely in people who have previously suffered from bulimia, or who have an acidic diet, or who have acid reflux. It is also more likely to occur in people who have bruxism or who grind their teeth. The reason for this is that all these things will damage teeth, as exposure to acids will weaken the tooth enamel, making it easier for the peroxide to penetrate more deeply, while tooth grinding can chip and crack teeth, allowing the peroxide to penetrate through these damaged areas. It can also depend on the type of system used. For instance Dr. Chan’s teeth whitening treatments have been carefully researched and developed to help minimise or even eliminate such sensitivity. This is because his chair side whitening system uses a thermal diffuser that is more easily controlled than other systems used to activate the peroxide gel.

Another common side effect of teeth whitening in London is tooth dehydration. It is something that is more likely to happen during laser whitening as the high intensity light can be converted into heat energy by the tooth, and this is absorbed into the darker areas of the tooth first of all, including the pulp and dentine. As a result any fluids in these areas will begin to expand and will be pushed out through the porous surface of the tooth, causing it to become dehydrated.

It can take several days before the effects of tooth dehydration and tooth sensitivity to subside, but the problem should be purely temporary for most people. However problems can occur if you choose to overuse the products and to ignore the advice of your dentist. Provided you follow the instructions given to you by Dr Wyman Chan or other dentists at the Smile Studio in London, then tooth whitening in London should be extremely safe, and should give you the results you desire.