Teeth Whitening In London Seminars

Calling all dental professionals! If you would like to learn how to perform teeth whitening safely, painlessly and effectively, book your place on one of Dr. Wyman Chan’s seminars.

During the morning session, Dr. Wyman Chan will teach the basics of teeth whitening in London including the different methods, the safety of hydrogen peroxide, case studies including tetracycline, ageing, fluorosis staining, home whitening protocol and the prevention of sensitivity. Dr. Wyman Chan will also discuss teamwork, marketing ideas, patient comfort and the management of patient expectations.

The afternoon session is more ‘hands on’ and Dr Wyman Chan provides a model for teeth whitening in London treatment. A full discussion takes place regarding all whitening products in the dental marketplace including the systems, the pros and cons of each and a general overview.

Refreshments and a restaurant lunch are provided. For further information on this basic introduction to teeth whitening in London, please visit drwymanchan.com or call us today on 020 7439 0888.