Have Teeth Whitening In London in Time for Festival Season

Festival season is just around the corner. A bit of prep is the secret to looking super hot – minus the effort – all festival long. You’ll thank us when the post-festival Facebook tagging begins!

For a full on flirty flutter from dawn till dusk, have lash extensions just before you go. You needn’t fear the rain ruining your sultry stare and less time getting ready means one thing: more time in the dance tent!

Be ready to pucker up at all times. There’s nothing sexier than a megawatt smile against a slick of high voltage lippy. Have teeth whitening in London a fortnight before heading off for the festival fun and frolics.

Let’s face it – there’s no chance you’ll be sharing those skanky showers when there’s field fun to be had, so don’t forget to pack dry shampoo. After a few days of mud and mayhem, hide the grease and plait your locks to nail the too-cool-to-care look.

Hide the horror of grimy nails by coating them in Shellac before you head off.

Who wants to be shaving when they could be throwing shapes in the dance tent? Keep your pins silky smooth and invest in a good wax the day before you leave.

Foundation schm-oundation! Make sure you’re good to glow from day till night minus the effort. Invest in a faux glow that says, “just jetted home from Ibiza.” Remember: there’s nothing sexier than bright, white teeth against a tan, so have tooth whitening in London.

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