Teeth Whitening In London: Baby Shower, Sorted!

It may be an American tradition but baby shower fever is sweeping the UK at a rate of knots. If you’re not sure what I’m on about, it’s a way of pampering a mum-to-be by surrounding her with her female friends and family. Everyone gets together to shower the mum-to-be with gifts that will be useful when the baby arrives, playing games (not essential) and generally having a good laugh before her world is turned upside down.

On the subject of gifts, it’s a tricky one because you never know what’s already been bought or how much to spend. Do you opt for something handy like muslin cloths and nappies – you can even buy ‘nappy cakes’ these days ­– or choose some teeny tiny baby clothes instead?

As always, I’m here to help. There’s a fab company called Baby Blooms that create baby bouquets, these consist of baby clothes folded up to look like a bouquet of flowers. Its genius and does create a bit of a wow factor. I did also mention nappy cakes, for the more practically minded guest.

Alternatively, you can opt to buy something for mum. Let’s face it, after she’s carried that baby around for nine months and delivered him/her, she’s going to fancy a bit of pampering. Spa days are an option here but in my experience many new mums just don’t want to be parted from baby for an entire day soon after they’re born. One solution is teeth whitening in London. You can get the entire baby shower party to club together and chip in for a wonderful treat that she can look forward to.

Obviously mum can’t have the tooth whitening in London treatment while she’s pregnant or breast feeding but knowing she’s due to have teeth whitening in London is sure to put a smile on her face.

If your baby shower party fancies treating their mum-to-be to teeth whitening in London, call 020 7439 0888 today!