Summer Savings: Teeth Whitening in London

We’re all there, saving up for something fabulous. Whether it’s a holiday, a house, a wedding or even tooth whitening in London, there’s no reason not to treat yourself in the meantime. You just have to be a bit savvy and hunt out the bargains to justify the splurge!

So your first bargain buy is teeth whitening in London. You think I’ve lost the plot, don’t you? Well, this little beauty isn’t as expensive as you’d think. With a whopping 33% off, the perfect white smile could be yours for just £395. And for that you get in-surgery power whitening and a home treatment kit. Not only is it kind to your purse, but having tooth whitening in London will also give the perfect excuse to smile when you’ve finished saving up for that dream purchase.

Crave a new hairdo but don’t want to splash the cash? Look out for salons needing models. They’ll have taken on some trainees but don’t be scared; I usually find they work directly under the supervision of the salon’s top stylist. This means you get the cut you crave, at a snip of the price (see what I did there?!).

Ever dreamed of being perfectly fuzz-free with no need for razors or wax? Laser hair removal is surprisingly more affordable than you’d think. My top tip here is to always opt for laser over IPL. You will find prices for IPL are lower but there is a reason for this, it’s not as good! Many top clinics will offer package deals or money off offers, and many will also provide finance too, so you can spread the cost. Check out as an example.

So there you have it, three highly desired, often expensive buys at a real bargain – giving you no need to feel guilty even if you are saving. For more information on teeth whitening in London, call 020 7439 0888 today.