Stay A-Header The Rest

If your teeth are as stained as the Euro 2013 women’s post-match footie kit, have a no obligation consultation with Dr. Wyman Chan, the benchmark for teeth whitening in London.

Before you get friendly, make sure your smile is up to scratch. Love is a game of two halves, after all. Look like a stud thanks to the Smile Studio London treatment and if you book over the summer, you’ll save 33% off the full price of the treatment. She’ll be at your Beckham call in no time thanks to this powerful combination of chairside and home whitening.

Can’t manager BRIGHT, white smile? Play-er blinder and opt for the Get2Smile treatment, which is every superstar’s beauty must have. This is the exact treatment you get at the dentist. You just do it yourself in the comfort of your own home and the results are as remarkable as anything you get in the dentist’s chair. It even comes complete with a heat device to push the gel inside the structure of the tooth at lightning speed, attacking stains along the way. Your teeth will be as white as the goal posts in no time.

If your smile’s a bit of a howler, tackle those stains using Perfect Trays. Dr. Wyman Chan will take impressions of your teeth and send you away for an hour before you return to the clinic to collect your trays and gel. Worn for 28 days, your pearlies will look as perfectly polished as those pre-match footie boots before you know it.

Make sure people are whistling at you for the right reasons. If your smile is flag-ging, make a booking to have teeth whitening in London today by calling 020 7439 0888.