Smile with the Pride of a Lion: Have Teeth Whitening in London

Did you watch the Lions’ victory over the Wallabies last Saturday? We couldn’t help but notice Jamie Roberts’ pearly whites during the match! Make sure you’re wearing your smile with the pride of a lion. Pay a visit to Dr. Wyman Chan today. His series of teeth whitening in London treatments are designed to blitz your smile and blindside your opposition.

Make sure you’re not given the red card this summer. For teeth as white as the try line, go the extra yard and score the Smile Studio London treatment. Your new 14-shades-whiter trophy smile will be converted within 90 minutes and the bill won’t leave you caught offside either. The Smile Studio London teeth whitening in London treatment is touched down to £395 throughout the summer. You can keep possession of your new, bright, white smile by ordering more gel (£45) as and when you need it thereafter. Next time you go to watch the big game you’ll certainly be singing the national anthem with gusto. Use it or loose it!

Don’t get sent to the sin bin. Try the Get2Smile home power whitening treatment, which is the same teeth whitening in London treatment you get at the dentist’s, you just perform it ten times at home. It tackles stubborn stains in just five days. You’ll be outflanking your rivals in no time.

Avoid being kicked into touch. If your smile is flagging, swap your gum shield for Perfect Trays. Within two weeks, you’ll have offloaded those stains and be scoring record points for your dazzling, new smile.

Before we blow the final whistle, why not take a tour of Dr. Wyman Chan’s clinic at Smile Studio London? Beat the scrum for teeth whitening in London appointments. Call us today on 020 7439 0888.