From Slummy Mummy to Yummy Mummy In 10 Easy Steps

Calling all new mums! ‘Me-time’ a thing of the past? Resolve to transform yourself from slummy to yummy. From tooth whitening in London to a 20-second smoky eye, here are our 10 steps to going from drab to fab.

Tub Time!
Mummies take care of everyone except for themselves. So, do what you need to unwind, whether it’s going for a run or soaking in the tub, de-stressing will help you to feel better, sleep better, mother better, and look better, too!

Beauty Sleep
Not getting enough of it? Then chances are your peepers could do with some pepping. Reduce inflammation in a hurry by applying a cool flannel to your lids for ten minutes to shrink capillaries and stimulate drainage.

Hairy Situations
Avoid beauty slothdom by keeping those legs silky smooth. Can’t be bothered to shave? Invest in a good wax every fortnight or better still, blow the budget on laser hair removal. Imagine what you can do with all that spare time!

Sneaky Fitness
Want sexy pins, but don’t have the time to gym it? Exercise while you go about your daily chores. Do a few squats while you brush your teeth.

Smiles Better!
The easiest way to look younger and effortlessly beautiful is to make those pearly whites bright, so have teeth whitening in London.

Dry Stylings
Apply dry shampoo at night instead of in the morning. While you might still need to shampoo your hair the next evening, it’s a great shortcut that will guarantee that you’re not the most bedraggled-looking mum at the bus stop.

Banish postpartum fly-aways in a hurry by moisturising your hands like usual, and then lightly patting your hairline. This will take the wispies without using any extra, greasy products.

Cream of the Crop
When you’re over 35, you can’t over-moisturise. Apply eye and face cream every night after cleansing. And do it again in the morning before applying makeup. And don’t forget to moisturise your neck and wear sunscreen daily.

Perky Peepers
Leave some eye shadow on your smudger brush. That way, if you’re crunched for time and have to skip most of your routine, you can quickly swab the brush around your lash line. The hint of definition makes a huge difference.

Driver’s Ed
Keep a makeup kit in your car if getting ready in the morning is hard. By the time you reach your destination, your baby will likely be fast asleep and you’ll have a few minutes to slap on some lippy.

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