Siva Kaneswaren Reveals He Has Teeth Whitening In London

Pop heartthrob, Siva Kaneswaren of The Wanted has been telling The Sun and OK! Magazine how he stays looking so fab. Can you guess which grooming gadget comes out on top?

Siva has teeth whitening in London using Get2Smile by Dr Wyman Chan, he tells OK! “I’ve got this thing that I do before a photo shoot, a teeth whitening kit called Get2Smile. It’s ridiculous; it does the job in like twenty minutes. It’s this guy, Dr. Wyman Chan in London. He sorts me out,” he reveals.

Within The Sun newspaper, he names Get2Smile as one of the 10 Things He (sic) Can’t Live Without saying:  “You use it twice a day, twice a week, and it gives you a nice smile. With cameras constantly taking pictures of you in London, it’s nice to have clean teeth.”

Dr. Wyman Chan’s invention, Get2Smile won Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Hot 100 award for ‘2012’s best teeth whitener.’  Associate Editor, Newby Hands said: “Developed by leading London dentist Dr. Wyman Chan, this patented DIY whitening kit painlessly and safely brightens teeth. After one 20-minute session, you’ll see a big difference. After a few, it’s as impressive as anything you get in the dentist’s chair.”

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