Sino-Dental 2013

The authority in painless teeth whitening in London, Dr Wyman Chan has just returned from SINO-Dental 2013, the largest dental exhibition in China.

There, in a series of seminars, he lectured dentists from countries including China, Hong Kong and Korea on the safety and efficacy of teeth whitening.

Dr. Wyman Chan educated his colleagues in the fundamentals of teeth whitening in London including the different techniques, the safety of hydrogen peroxide, case studies including the reversal of an initial caries lesion, home whitening protocol, sensitivity prevention. He also discussed teamwork, marketing ideas, patient comfort and the management of patient expectations. Finally, Dr Wyman Chan delivered a ‘hands-on’ demonstration on a model.

Over 100 seminars, educational programmes and technical exchange took place at SINO-Dental over the course of a week. It attracted over 70,000 dental professionals from 80 different countries.

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