Single and Ready to Mingle?

Are you a long-term singleton who just can’t find the girl of your dreams? Or are you fresh out of a relationship – like Joey Essex – and need to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back in the game? Never fear fellas, from eye contact to teeth whitening in London, we’ve got some top pulling tips for you…

Get Buff

If you’re looking to impress us females then you need to get your sorry butt down to the gym and start working out! We like our men to be men, not boys, so get those muscles pumping. Exuding health is a big attraction for both sexes – remember that!

Cheeky Grin

On the subject of health, your smile can be a dead giveaway, so is yours up to scratch? One of the things we first notice in the opposite sex is their smile and yellow, stained teeth are a big turn off. Don’t fret, just head down to Smile Studio for teeth whitening in London. Here, you can turn your grin from turn off to turn on in about an hour. Simple!

Be A Comedian

Girls just love a funny guy. Fact. If you can make us laugh then half the battle is won. You don’t need to sit at home writing a stand-up script to take down the local, the trick here is to relax and just be your (funniest) self.

Don’t Be Too Keen

We love a bit of a chase. It makes you a challenge and that just makes us want you more. So start of with a bit of eye contact across the room to grab our attention, then play it cool by having a laugh with your mates. Follow it up with a cheeky grin – you’ve just had tooth whitening in London, remember! – across the room at your chosen lady and you’ll have her in the palm of your hand.

Well, that’s what you think, us ladies have our own wiley ways but these are secrets I’m just not sharing – it’s girl code after all. Good luck!

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