Should Have Had Teeth Whitening in London: Rylan’s #Teeth Drama

Poor Rylan Clarke, he’s only gone and pulled his teeth out in his sleep. Well, his temporary ones, that is.

Our Ry took to Twitter to share his latest drama: ‘Drama… My temporary teeth have fallen out…. NOT a good look.’ He even posted a picture, aaagghh!

Now, if Rylan had opted for teeth whitening in London, he wouldn’t be in such a pickle, would he? The star, who found fame on The X Factor, is having veneers placed to give him a new pearly white grin. However, he could have saved himself a fortune and gone for a more natural, yet gleaming look with a visit to the Smile Studio.

He’s tweeted to say he’s off to get some new temporaries placed while he waits for the finished result, let’s hope he’s a bit more careful with them this time around!

If you want a white smile with none of the invasive work that veneers require, opt for tooth whitening in London instead. We can guarantee your teeth won’t fall out in your sleep like Rylan’s!

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