S-Miles Better Thanks To Teeth Whitening in London

Are your teeth are as yellow as the Jamaica team’s kit? Then hop, skip and jump your way to Dr. Wyman Chan’s clinic to examine the triple gold of teeth whitening in London treatments.

If your smile is a hurdle you can’t get over, go the extra mile and have the Smile Studio London treatment. Just 90 minutes in the dentist’s chair will give you that photo finish and can maintain your personal best using trays and gel at home for just £395 (marked down from £595). You’ll be lapping up the attention in no time.

For a record smile, be on your marks, get set and go for the award-winning Get2Smile teeth whitening in London treatment. This is the same power whitening you get at the dental clinic; you just do it yourself at home. You paint on the gel yourself, switch on the heat device and wait for it to turn itself off when your treatment is complete. The heat pushes the gel inside the structure of the tooth in record time, attacking stains along the way. You can baton a bright, white smile in just 5 days.

Don’t get disqualified for a foul smile. Race down to see Dr. Wyman Chan. He’ll take some impressions of your teeth and within an hour your gel and trays will be ready for collection. Wear them for between two and four weeks and you’ll be on track to win top marks for your smile.

Call us today on 020 7439 0888 to ‘discus’ your teeth whitening in London treatment options.