Professional Teeth Whitening in London vs Over-the Counter Treatments

Do you hate seeing stained and discoloured teeth every time you smile? Perhaps you find yourself actively avoiding smiling. If so then you are a great candidate for tooth whitening in London, but then the next question is whether to get it done professionally, and properly by an expert dentist such as Dr Chan, or whether to opt for one of the many over-the-counter kits that can be bought in chemists or online. While the over-the-counter kits may be cheaper, the results obtained cannot be compared with professional teeth whitening in London. In fact it could end up being a false economy, and definitely isn’t as safe. The truth is that having your teeth whitened properly in a London dental surgery such as the Smile Studio is probably much more affordable than you might imagine.

The Advantages of Having Teeth Whitened Professionally

Dr Chan is a dentist who specialises in teeth whitening. He has spent years researching a developing a range of bleaching products designed to safely whiten teeth, and has a huge number of celebrity clients whose smiles pay testimony to the excellent results he is able to achieve. You may have known people who have had their teeth whitened elsewhere, either professionally or by using over-the-counter kits who have complained about tooth sensitivity afterwards. The bleaches used by Dr Chan have been especially developed to minimise or even eliminate this symptom.

You’ll also have the added benefit of knowing your teeth are healthy enough to be whitened, as you’ll receive a full check-up before any treatments are carried out. You can ask questions, and will receive an honest assessment from Dr Chan as to how far you can safely whiten your teeth. You’ll receive advice as to whether you’d be better off having your teeth whitened in the dental surgery, or if you may be more suitable for whitening at home using either trays or Dr Chan’s award winning Get2Smile whitening kit.

If you choose to have your teeth whitened at the Smile Studio then you’ll be given custom made trays to take home, so you can top up the whitening treatments as recommended by Dr Wyman Chan. If you choose to whiten your teeth at home using a system from the Smile Studio, then you’ll receive precise instructions on how to use it, and will be prescribed the correct strength of bleaching gel for your teeth. It is extremely unlikely that you will experience any problems, but you do have the peace of mind in knowing that professional help and advice is just a phone call away.

The Risks and Disadvantages of Buying an Over-the Counter Teeth Whitening Kit

The number one risk of buying an over-the-counter teeth whitening kit has to be the fact that you are not obliged to have your teeth checked by a dentist before whitening. Even though the whitening ingredients used in these kits are a lot less powerful than those used by professionals, they could still cause damage to a mouth that already has dental problems. The most likely side effect is tooth sensitivity or even pain, as the whitening ingredients can penetrate unhealthy gums and teeth far more easily than in a healthy mouth.

There is also the risk of using these kits incorrectly, or of getting the bleaching gels onto the delicate gum tissues. The trays that come with some of these kits tend to be one size fits all, so there is far more risk of the gels leaking out during the whitening process.

Above all, they will not achieve the same effects as teeth whitening in London as the products used aren’t so powerful. Professional tooth whitening in London can give stunning results, safely and quickly.