Say ‘I Do’ To Pre-Nuptial Teeth Whitening In London

Your wedding day will be etched into your memory and the family albums for years to come so make sure you are perfectly groomed to be a bride.  Reduced from £595 to £295 for the bridal season, the ‘Smile Studio London treatment’ is the absolute gold standard of tooth whitening in London.

Make sure your pearly whites look picture perfect on your big day. Just 60 minutes in the dentist chair and your new smile will be unveiled. Armed with home whitening trays to wear for two hours a day for 14 days and yours will certainly be a white wedding.

Gorgeous up your groom, earn some brownie points with your very own monster-in-law or offer an olive branch to your long-suffering mother. Perhaps a bracelet, necklace and matching earrings just aren’t enough for your best girls? Call us to arrange teeth whitening in London today: 020 7439 0888.