One for The Fellas

There’s plenty of beauty articles about with advice for the ladies but what about all the men out there? Well, don’t worry guys, from tooth whitening in London to fine fragrance, we’ve got some tips to get you groomed to perfection…

1. Keep it trimmed

Whatever your style, it’s essential to keep your locks in order. Whether you keep it short and sweet or a bit longer, regular visits to the barber are necessary. The secret to fabulous locks is all in the preparation; so after you’ve had a good cut, maintain it with a decent shampoo (and a conditioner, go on, we dare you).

2. Sparkling smile

A nice smile and good teeth won’t go unnoticed by the opposite sex. If yours is looking less than polished then try teeth whitening in London for the perfect solution.

3. Moisturise

Keep your skin glowing and youthful with a good moisturiser. There’s plenty out there designed specifically for male skin, from Nivea to Clinique, its just all about a bit of trial and error to find the right one for you.

4. Signature smell

Try to pick a fragrance that suits you but stands out from the crowd. That doesn’t mean splashing the whole bottle over you on your way out the door, you don’t want to knock everyone out with your scent! Head to a department store and try the less obvious brands to find something truly unique for you.

5. The MANicure

Are you man enough to try a male manicure? This has become essential grooming for the modern businessman, giving you that extra edge over the competition. We’re not suggesting you go for the latest shade of hot pink – leave that to the ladies, please – just a nice file and buff, scrub and moisturise.

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