Olivia Grant Has Teeth Whitening in London

With starring roles in blockbusters like Stardust and flagship BBC series including Lark Rise to Candleford and Garrow’s Law, Olivia Grant is a paparazzi favourite.  So how does this flame-haired, pre-Raphaelite beauty stay red-carpet-ready? Tooth whitening in London, of course!

She tells her In Style blog readers: “Nothing says London Bakerloo line commute like teeth that have seen too many skinny decaf lattes and Dr. Chan at Smile Studio off Shaftesbury Avenue is killing it with his new whitening technique. LA White is now a reality and his home kit means that you can top up as and when you need to.”

Currently reduced from £595 to £295, the Smile Studio London treatment starts with a full dental examination to ensure you are a suitable candidate for tooth whitening in London. Dr Wyman Chan protects the sensitive part of your teeth and gums before painting on the gel and turning on the iPower, which uses heat to push the gel inside the enamel, wiping out stains along the way. This harmless and painless teeth whitening in London treatment lasts about an hour before you leave with a home kit for maintaining your beautiful new smile. Olivia specially requested to leave armed with the Harper’s Bazaar award-winning Get2Smile kit.

If you have had tooth whitening in London by other leading brands in the past, you will know that results usually last for a maximum of three months. This means the treatment has only reduced the stain molecules inside the teeth to a medium size.  Following the treatment, they rapidly re-form and the staining reappears. The Smile Studio London treatment breaks them down into very small particles and takes them eight times longer to re-form, so that results last for up to two years. This makes the treatment excellent value for money, especially given many dentists charge around £600 for such a treatment.

In another interview, Olivia tells Sunday Times Style readers: “Look after your smile – it takes years off you. I go to Smile Studio London for whitening treatments.”

For up to 50% off teeth whitening in London, call 020 7439 0888 today.