Nick Ferrari Has Had Teeth Whitening in London

In an extract from his autobiography, The World *And London* According to Nick Ferrari, the LBC radio supremo talks about having tooth whitening in London by Dr Wyman Chan.

Pages 18 and 19: And so, when I was offered a freebie session of teeth whitening in London (sic) by a dentist who was running a promotion on the radio show, I understandably declined – too scared, you see. It was only when he offered to inject himself with anything he wanted to stick into my gums that I started to have a slightly different view of dentists. Perhaps, after all, they weren’t the psychotic nutters hell-bent on inflicting as much pain on me as possible that I thought they were. And it’s not that I have a sadistic streak, but there was something incredibly comforting about watching this chapstick a needle in his gums – so much so that I didn’t feel a thing as he did the same to me.

Nick talks about having the Smile Studio London tooth whitening in London treatment:

As I relaxed in the chair for what I knew was going to be a good long stint, I was handed a pair of high tech, space-age goggles through which I could watch movies. Having seen how the potential discomfort of others had soothed my fearful soul, I decided that I would be best to choose a movie that depicted violence, pain and the suffering of other people. Black Hawk Down, I decided, was the vehicle for me; whatever dental discomfort I was to go through, it couldn’t be as bad as those poor marines chasing through the war ravaged streets of Mogadishu.

It worked a treat! I came out with a splendid set of pearly whites and a much improved mental attitude towards my friends the dentists…

Nick talks about having teeth whitening London again on page 265:

Working on the radio has made me a bit lazy – nobody can see you, so you can go four or five days without shaving and it doesn’t really matter. But I like to make an effort when I’m on the television. Given that I’m nearly always going to be taking a pretty controversial point of view, the least I can do is make sure people don’t think, What a great, fat, scruffy, unshaven git with all those horrible views. Much better that they think of me as a great, fat, scruffy, cleanly shaven git with horrible views and superb hair thanks to Nicky Clarke and teeth courtesy of Dr Wyman Chan of Smile Studio.

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