Nation’s Oral Health a Ticking Timebomb

Poor oral health among Brits is a ticking time bomb, according to new revelations by the British Dental Health Foundation.

A shocking 15 per cent of Brits give cleaning their teeth the brush off for more than two days and one in five forget to floss. The economic downturn is hitting our purse strings and our dental health with 36 per cent of adults say they are likely to refuse dental treatment due to cost. 66% are walking around with visible plaque; 29% with untreated dental pain.

Brits are simply not prioritising their dental health. 90% of Brits are blissfully unaware of the systemic link between dementia and poor oral hygiene. A shocking number of Brits know nothing of the connection between poor oral health and pneumonia (83%), colon cancer (82%) and strokes (79%). 40% are aware of the relationship between poor oral health and heart disease.

Did you know that poor oral hygiene is now linked to breast cancer, diabetes, hospital-acquired infections, erectile dysfunction, bowel cancer, endocarditis, oral cancer, dementia, pancreatic cancer and complications during pregnancy?

National Smile Month is all about encouraging hapless Brits to:

• Brush your teeth for two minutes twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste

• Cut down on sugary foods and drinks

• Visit your dentist twice a year

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