Lorraine Kelly has Teeth Whitening in London

Queen of daytime television, Lorraine Kelly has named teeth whitening in London as her top anti-ageing secret.

She told At Home Magazine: ‘Clean, bright teeth has an anti-ageing effect,’ says Lorraine. ‘However, because I drink a lot of tea and coffee, my smile can get a bit duller than it should be, which is why I went for this treatment. It was so simple and easy, and you can follow it up at home with your own kit. The difference to my teeth has been really noticeable but still looks very natural.’

Asked which teeth whitening in London system she recommends, Lorraine says: ‘I’ve found whitening kits messy to use in the past, and liable to leave teeth sensitive. Not so with Get2Smile. Invented by dentist to the stars, Dr Wyman Chan, this kit can be used on its own or alongside clinic treatments.’

She describes the tooth whitening in London process to At Home readers: ‘A plastic retractor holds your mouth open and your lips away from your teeth during treatment. You brush the gel on to each tooth, keeping it away from the gums, then click the heat device onto the retractor and switch it on for 40 minutes. If your teeth are very porous, you may a feel a little sensitivity – in which case, stop the process for a day and then resume. And the results? The best I’ve seen from a home kit.’

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