Are the Lights Used in Chair Side Teeth Whitening Safe?

Most dental surgeries use some sort of visible light during chair side teeth whitening in London. The aim of using light is to help activate the bleach, enabling it to penetrate the teeth more easily, which in turn enhances the whitening effects.

Clinical Studies on Chair Side Bleaching Lights

In fact clinical studies have shown that using light energy improves the whitening efficacy of some bleaching materials. But these same studies have also pointed out that the wavelength of light used can directly affect the tooth. The reason for this is that the light causes the bleach to boil, and while some of the bleach will evaporate, a certain amount will be forced into the tooth, raising the internal temperature of the tooth. The trouble with visible light activated whitening systems is that this increase in temperature could increase the risk of damaging the internal area of the tooth, called the pulp. A lot depends on the dentist using the right kind of light, a light that is within the visible light spectrum of blue/green.

Other studies have measured lights commonly used for bleaching and have found light emitted exceeded maximum permissible exposure time in quite a few systems. Even though the risks of using these lights are low, is it worth it? Some studies have even questioned whether or not it’s necessary to use light, and whether this really makes a difference to the long-term effects of tooth whitening in London.

Discover a Different Way at the Smile Studio

Dr. Chan’s dental surgery in London doesn’t use light during his chair side whitening procedure. Instead he uses quite a different system called iPower. This uses thermal diffusion technology, bleaching teeth intelligently and safely. There’s no visible light to irradiate the teeth or the oral cavity, and the thermal energy is strictly regulated and controlled. It’s been extensively researched, and has been found to help prevent tooth sensitivity during the chair side teeth whitening in London, and afterwards. The device contains a tiny heating panel which combined with the sensor will deliver thermal energy right onto the bleaching gel on the teeth, far more accurately than a light. The heat energy gently pushes the gel into the tooth enamel, bleaching away the stains. This means patients still benefit from faster whitening times and great results. Unlike traditional bleaching lamps the thermal diffuser is extremely comfortable to wear, and it’s even portable so you’re not tied to the chair during the whole treatment.

If you don’t want to opt for a chair side whitening treatment, then Dr. Chan’s Smile Studio also offers the Harper’s Bazaar award-winning Get2Smile system. This is a home whitening kit that includes a low grade heat device to help activate the bleaching gel. You can safely bleach your teeth over the course of two weeks, and you only need to use the heating device and gel for approximately 40 minutes a day. Alternatively if you hate the thought of using any kind of heating or lighting device on your teeth you can always opt for the Perfect Trays system. This patented system uses comfortable, easy to wear bleaching trays that are worn for two hours a day over the course of two weeks. If you choose to have chair side whitening at the Smile Studio in London, then you’ll be given a set of Perfect Trays at the end of the treatment so you can keep up the results at home.