Jessie J Reveals She Has Teeth Whitening In London

Jessie J exploded onto the music scene in 2010 with her hit single do it like a Dude soon becoming a national star with a number one album. She had a mentoring role on The X Factor and The Voice. In 2011, she broke America and continued her rise to international stardom. So how does she celebrate her award success?

Jessie told In Style (June 2011): “I’m always having photo taken and it feels like my mouth is in focus when I’m singing, so I always wanted to have teeth whitening in London (sic). I finally did it, just before the Brit Awards. I went to Smile Studio London.”

During an interview on BBC1’s The Graham Norton Show, the 22-year-old singer revealed that she opted for tooth whitening in London to celebrate her achievement:  “I got my teeth whitened. I really did though. You think I’m joking, I’m really not.”

Jessie tweeted a picture of herself, “Preparing my toofs for all the smiling later today at the Brits (2013)! Thank you Smile @wyman888 for me pearly whites.”

We think you’ll agree that Jessie’s preparations paid off. She looked simply stunning again this year!

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