Home Teeth Whitening in London with Perfect Trays

There are so many whitening systems on the market, and the choice can seem bewildering. While one of the most popular methods of teeth whitening in London is to have them bleached in the dental surgery, this method may not be right for everyone. Although it is fast and effective, and can give dramatic results within just an hour, people with particularly sensitive teeth, or who want to have greater control of the whitening process, may want to go for the Perfect Trays system.

Innovative Tray Design

Perfect Trays have an innovative, patented design that is ideal for home tooth whitening in London. The system is designed to help reduce or even eliminate the sensitivity felt by many people undergoing teeth bleaching treatments. This is done by ensuring the bleaching gel is kept in the trays and well away from the gums, as contact with these delicate tissues can cause irritation and discomfort, and can also cause the gel to be diluted by saliva, reducing the effects of the treatment. The trays are very easy-to-use, as they can include dimples that show precisely how much bleaching gel needs to be used, eliminating the guesswork often required in other systems.

How do I get this Treatment?

It is simple, as all you need to do is make an appointment with our dentist for a full check-up. This is vital as you do need healthy teeth and gums in order for teeth whitening in London to be successful, and comfortable. If you have any signs of dental diseases then these will need to be treated first before your teeth can be bleached.

Once you have a clean bill of health then impressions will be taken of your teeth and gums. These are sent to a laboratory and cast up in dental plaster to provide accurate models of your mouth. The models are used to fabricate the patented Perfect Trays, and are designed to be comfortable to wear for several hours as they will not dig in or rub, or move around during use.

At your next appointment you’ll be shown how to use the trays, including how to fill them, and instructions on how long to leave them in for. You’ll also be given the correct bleaching gel for your needs, as they do come in several different strengths. The gels contain the same active ingredients as found in the chair side treatments and are quite different from other teeth bleaching gels in that they contain a much purer form of the active ingredient, carbamide peroxide. These gels have a lower viscosity that enables them to penetrate the tooth enamel more effectively, so they can whiten teeth more quickly and easily.

You’ll then be fully equipped to whiten your teeth safely over a period of two weeks or so. The trays generally need to be left in for a couple of hours a day, but you will be given precise instructions at your appointment. It is important to follow these instructions to the letter, as this system has been carefully developed and tested to give maximum results with minimum discomfort. The trays should never be left in for longer than recommended without first checking with your dentist.