Hilton Lecture: Teeth Whitening in London

Held at the Hilton London Kensington Hotel on Saturday, 22 June 2013, 50 dentists and hygienists turned out for Dr. Wyman Chan’s one-day lecture entitled New Frontiers in Teeth Whitening, which included an extensive update on the current legal situation, latest techniques and treatment planning.

The programme included:

  • An overview on aetiology of teeth discolouration
  • Understanding the safety of hydrogen peroxide
  • Update on the current regulations on teeth whitening processes and the latest view of the GDC on over 6% hydrogen peroxide
  • Science of teeth whitening
  • The history of teeth whitening and how you can learn from it
  • Techniques and advice on achieving a successful outcome
 teeth whitening processes
  • Live demonstrations on power and home whitening
  • Scientific prediction on teeth whitening processes
  • Prevention and management of sensitivity
  • Marketing of teeth whitening involving the whole dental team
  • Q&A

The importance of choosing a good trainer for teeth whitening in London (or any other dental procedure) cannot be overstated. Insufficient or inaccurate knowledge may harm your patients and your practice. You don’t want to fall foul of the latest legislation or leaving your patients less than satisfied, and less likely to return to your business.

Dr Wyman Chan is the absolute authority on teeth whitening in London. He has been focusing on teeth whitening for over a decade, working 3 days per week in his practice and doing research for 2 days per week. He has lectured thousands of dentists around the UK alone. He is the clinical associate at Warwick University Medical School, holds 7 patents in the field of teeth whitening and regularly publishes his work in prestigious dental journals.

Dental professionals wanting to learn how to perform teeth whitening in London, safely, effectively and painlessly should visit http://www.healthcare-learning.com/elearning/detail/view/productId/72 for Dr. Wyman Chan’s e-learning course.