Hazardous Foods

A bright, white smile is something we all dream of and deserve but what makes our gnashers dull and unappealing? What we eat and drink can have a massive impact on our pearly whites. Here are the top offenders…

Red wine

I know, I know, it’s always the things we love that are best avoided. The best advice is to brush before your tipple to avoid it attaching to plaque, but not immediately after as the acidity in the wine can damage the enamel. Or choose white wine instead 😉


Can’t start the morning without a double hit of espresso? Quitting caffeine altogether may be unrealistic, but cutting down isn’t. Forgo that last cup of rosie of the day and it will make a long-term difference.


Soy, balsamic, tomato and curry are the most prolific offenders; basically anything dark or rich in colour will stain. You don’t need to avoid them altogether, it’s just good to be aware and keep it in moderation.


This superfood is great for your health but those sneaky little berries are bad for your pearlies. ‘Nuff said!

Avoiding or cutting down on these tooth criminals will help to prevent any further stains, but if you want to restore your teeth to their full glory, try tooth whitening in London.

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