Have Teeth Whitening In London: Dazzle Them at the Dreaded Reunion

Reunions. They’re like leopard print – a horrid fashion craze.  I don’t know why. Maybe we should blame all these TV shows that are getting old bands going again. Whatever the reason, there’s always someone who wants to ‘get the old class/group/work lot’ back together.

In some instances, it could be 10 years or more since you’ve seen some of these people and, let’s be honest here, there’s probably a good reason for that.

However, if you’ve committed to go then the fear has probably kicked in that maybe you’re not quite the slim, young thing you once were and, OMG, what WILL they say? The advice I should give you here is that it’s fine, there’s nothing to worry about, if they do think that it’s their problem anyway. Forget that, there are things you can do about this!

There’s no escaping that you are older than the last time you all met up. The good news is there are a few little tricks that will help disguise it. Tooth whitening in London will rejuvenate your smile by getting rid of the stains you’ve been acquiring over the years. A brighter smile will fill you with confidence too, so it’s definitely worth booking a trip to Smile Studio for teeth whitening in London.

You could opt for some light Botox but that’s a little extreme, instead try a new skincare regime. Personally, I swear by Liz Earle’s Hot Cloth Cleanse and Polish followed by her Skin Tonic. You will see instant results and used over time this stuff just keeps getting better!

Gained a few pounds? Well use this as the perfect excuse to get out and do something about it. We’re finally seeing some decent weather so dust your trainers off and get outside for a run (or a walk, you can build up to a run). If you’re a gym member but have been a little lazy of late then get down there, quick sharp. Simply starting to do some exercise will get your endorphins going and you’ll feel ready to face that reunion!

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