Gorgeous Up Your Groomsmen With Teeth Whitening In London

Wipe out all the red wine and curry stains from the stag do and get your groom to say, “I do” to a spot of pre-nuptial pampering. Who wants to pucker up to a groom with nasty teeth?

If agonising over his speech has left him looking a shadow of his former self, The Smile Studio teeth whitening in London treatment will transform him from dull to dazzling in just 90 minutes. Equipped with a set of home whitening trays to wear for two hours per day for two weeks, he’ll be looking good enough to marry in no time! It will set him back £295 (down from £595) and his teeth will be 10 shades brighter. Because his beauty regime deserves a chunk of the wedding budget too!

Make sure he is groomed to be gorgeous, thanks to Dr. Wyman Chan’s Harper’s Bazaar award-winning Get2Smile treatment.  The kit comes with a low-grade heat device and gel for you to use for 30 minutes, twice daily, for 10 days. This teeth whitening in London treatment is currently reduced from £350 to £235.

For pre-matrimonial manscaping on a shoestring budget, opt for the ‘Perfect Trays’ teeth whitening in London treatment. Costing £195, reduced from £295, you’ll need to wear them for two hours a day for 14 days to brighten up your teeth by four shades.

Yours will certainly be a white wedding. Call us today on 020 7439 0888 to find out more.