Graduates: Have Teeth Whitening in London

Few employers are expecting Megan Fox to walk through their door, but nasty gnashers, crazy hair and scruffy shoes are probably harming your career prospects more than you know.  If you’ve just left University, be sure to wave “bye-bye” to the bottle-dye and say “hello” to the London glow.

Naturally you should be judged on your ability rather than your looks, but welcome to the real world, my friend. Prejudice is alive and kicking whether you’re in the boardroom or a bar, so suck it up and play the game.  Fact: lookers land the job because on some subconscious level, polish is perceived to indicate intelligence, eagerness and capability. Although if you have an IQ of over 140, you’ll probably drive the competition off the road, so no need to read on for you!  But for the rest of us mere mortals, know that a bringing smile, a blow dry and a good suit spell success and money. Attractive people earn between 10 and 15 percent more than their less comely colleagues. In fact, according to Forbes, general unattractiveness brings a wage loss in the range of between 7 and 9 percent. Employers understand that their clients are likely to look at their employees and make judgments based upon appearance, so they often institute grooming policies. They may want to make sure that their most visible employees are thinner and have a more professional appearance. So as a starting point, what can you do to give yourself a competitive edge?

Have teeth whitening in London. The Smile Studio London treatment is currently down from £595 to £295. This harmless and painless treatment lasts about an hour before you leave with specially designed home whitening trays to wear for one to two hours per day for 14 days. You are given two full syringes of gel with this tooth whitening in London treatment so that you can top up your smile on an ongoing basis.

Bag yourself bangs that scream, “I’m serious about my career.”  Think Jennifer Anniston as opposed to Helena Bonham Carter and you won’t go far wrong.

Less is more when it comes to make up, fragrance and jewellery or your peers will think you’re more interested in getting your leg over than getting a leg up.

Pay close attention to both the appropriateness and condition of the clothing and shoes you wear to work. Scruffy work attire signals you don’t care about the details. Uber high fashion attire will get you noticed for entirely the wrong reasons.  Striking the right balance is imperative.  Dress as you want to be seen: serious, professional, upward-bound and client-facing.

Have the odd manicure. On a subconscious level, natty nails mean you will be undisciplined and slovenly in the office. Seriously: how hard is it to paint on some polish now and then? If you bite, invest in some gel nails.

In today’s world there is one thing that can be said with absolute certainty: looks matter. Our society is obsessed with them. Whether it’s the cashier at the grocery store or the barrister arguing a case at the High Court, appearance matters. Employers and customers in the business world regularly make decisions based upon looks, so box clever and groom yourself for success.

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