Give Your Smile The London Polish

Whoever created the term ‘the London polish’ clearly did not live here. The constant merry-go-round of long hours at the office, the fumes of the street and the boozy bubble of post-work revelry can leave you looking a little lack-lustre to say the least. And your smile is often the first thing to suffer.

Bordeaux-fuelled business lunches; sneaky fag breaks and coffee to rouse your spirits after a big night all take their toll. Before you know it, your once-youthful pearly white smile is looking a little griege and in need of some ‘jujjing’. Many of us take the short cut to smile perfection by having teeth whitening in London, but here are the 7 habits of a gleaming smile. Follow these and you’ll turn back the clock in no time.

Bin the cigarettes and sugary drinks

Surprise surprise. Knocking back a Red Bull during your fag break isn’t doing you any favours. The acidic nature of fizzy drinks – even diet ones – can erode a tooth’s enamel.  Lighting up will turn that enamel a repulsive shade of yellow, possibly cause oral cancer, and shave about 14 years off your expected life span. No joke.

Change your toothbrush/ toothbrush head regularly

The quick rule of thumb: Break out a fresh one every three months. Even if the bristles aren’t totally broken and that blue indicator strip is somehow showing faint signs of life, you still need newness at least once a quarter. But if you get ill or let someone else take your toothbrush for a test drive, replace it immediately.

Go to the dentist at least twice a year

Almost everyone needs a professional clean twice a year. Okay, we all know someone who gets away with one visit, but those prone to problems need to go more frequently. A biannual visit is the benchmark for most. You’ll fix minor issues; prevent major ones, and best of all, leave with squeaky-clean teeth (and hopefully super-white ones). If your teeth are still looking a little off colour, you probably have intrinsic staining and will need teeth whitening in London.

Floss at least 3-4 times a week

Flossing isn’t about removing food particles. It’s actually about removing plaque – the substance responsible for cavities, gingivitis and eventually tooth loss. A decent job runs about three to five minutes, but even just 60 seconds of string work can have enormous benefits. Just be aware that if you happen to bleed in the process, your body is telling you it’s time to let a dentist do some digging.

Whiten your teeth twice a year

A daily dose of coffee can cause some serious staining, but thankfully teeth whitening in London can give you back your once-gleaming smile. The Smile Studio London treatment is currently down from £595 to £295. This harmless and painless treatment lasts about an hour before you leave with specially designed home whitening trays to wear for one to two hours per day for 14 days. You are given two full syringes of gel with this tooth whitening in London treatment so that you can top up your smile on an ongoing basis.  All this for £295!

Brush at least twice a day for at least 2 minutes

Brushing is by far the single most important thing you can do to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Upgrade your gear by investing in a high-powered electric toothbrush, and then make a habit of spending at least two minutes with it both in the morning and at night.

Use a tongue scraper

Bad breath? Bacteria buildup on your tongue might be the reason. Rather than just moving that stench-ridden sludge around your mouth with a toothbrush, use a tongue scraper to completely remove it instead.

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