Frankie’s Baby Joy

One of our lovely celebrity clients, Frankie Sandford, has revealed she is pregnant, just weeks after getting engaged.

The size-8 star has always been image conscious – that’s why she has teeth whitening in London – and has tweeted about her shopping difficulties: ‘Shopping pregnant is not fun. Looking at all the gorgeous summer clothes that won’t fit you. Best to stick with shoes and bags!’

We wonder whether they’ll decided to have the wedding before or after the baby is born, she might not be too happy about having a baby bump in her wedding photos!

Frankie has told New! Magazine: ‘I’ve tried lots of different tooth whitening in London treatments (sic), but the Smile Studio London one is definitely the best. I also take their home whitening kit called Get2Smile on tour with me to make sure my teeth stay really white when I’m performing.’

Although there’s no evidence to say it’s unsafe to have tooth whitening while pregnant, there’s also nothing to say its safe either. We can’t wait to welcome Frankie back to Smile Studio after she’s had her baby!

If you have some fab news to smile about and want teeth as gleaming as Frankie’s while you shout about it, call the Smile Studio on 020 7439 0888 today.