A Few Fast Facts about Teeth Whitening in London

Everybody wants a healthy white smile, but there are a few things to bear in mind when thinking about having teeth whitening in London as these things could affect the outcome of the treatment. These include:

Teeth whitening is not suitable for everyone.

This is why it’s so important to consult an experienced dentist such as Dr Wyman Chan before having your teeth bleached. You should never have your teeth whitened without first having them fully checked as the bleaching gels can be pretty strong and could exacerbate any existing dental problems.

Tooth whitening in London will give varied results

Although you may want the brightest and whitest ‘Hollywood’ type smile you can, it might not be feasible. When you visit the Smile Studio in London we will be able to discuss with you the type of whitening results you can reasonably expect to see while still maintaining a healthy mouth. Patient health is always our top priority, and we are always at pains to make sure the whitening products aren’t overused as this won’t give better results but could end up damaging the teeth.

Teeth can discolour for a variety of different reasons

Some people naturally have darker teeth as it is simply genetic, while others will have extensive staining due to lifestyle habits. Certain antibiotics such as tetracycline can stain teeth, while amalgam fillings can create darker areas in the mouth. If you have had root canal treatment then these teeth may not respond so well to bleaching.  Dental fluorosis is caused by exposure to excess fluoride as a child, and can cause teeth become flecked with white or even stained brown. Teeth whitening in London may not work effectively on all these problems, and you may need to budget to have any amalgam fillings replaced, or you might need to be prepared to take a different route to get the look you would like. These are all things that we can discuss with you at your check-up.

Teeth whitening won’t change the colour of existing dental restorations

The bleaching gels used to whiten teeth will not have any effect on any crowns, veneers or bridges you may already have. If you need to have dental restorations and want a whiter smile then it is best to have your teeth bleached first. This is because it is far better to accurately match the shade of any new dental restorations to whitened teeth rather than to attempt to do it the other way round.

Tooth whitening occasionally causes sensitivity

Teeth whitening in London is generally an extremely safe and trouble-free procedure, and the methods used by Dr Chan are designed to minimise any sensitivity. However some people are particularly sensitive and may experience a very slight discomfort afterwards. These feelings of increased sensitivity should disappear within a day or two. Side effects are more likely to arise if you overuse the products, or don’t use them as prescribed.

Tooth whitening treatments will need touching up every so often

Although your smile will look beautifully white after treatment, your teeth will gradually darken. The exact speed is often dependant on your lifestyle. We’ll advise you as to how often your smile will need retouching, but the initial effects should last for quite a while, and having a gloriously white smile is a huge boost to self-confidence and well-being.