East Meets West

IMG_0910On Thursday 4 July, the authority on teeth whitening in London, Dr. Wyman Chan attended a business-networking soiree entitled ‘East – West.’ Strictly by invitation only, it was designed to enable British and Chinese businesses to meet and discuss investment and trading opportunities in the UK and China. Held at Roux, RICS on Parliament Square in London, the event featured guest speaker, The Rt. Hon. Dr. Vince Cable MP, Business Secretary.

Teeth whitening in London dentist, Dr Wyman Chan joined a host of delegates to listen to Vince Cable declaring Britain open for business. Chinese investment and tourism is key to Britain’s economic recovery. He argued that Britain could benefit from China’s growth. Cable said that the Chinese are keen to invest in and visit Britain, but the current visa system is riddled with red tape and therefore stifling inward investment. He argued for a system that attracts skilled migrants, international students and business visitors.

Teeth whitening in London dentist, Dr. Wyman Chan even won a signed copy of Cable’s Storm: The World Economic Crisis And What It Means. Hopefully, it will be an electric read!