Go From Dull to Dapper: Teeth Whitening in London

So you rip it out at the gym, your ‘do’ is to die for and you dress to impress. But we have news for you, my friend: if your smile is grisly, it may all be for nought. For the fairer sex spies your gnashers first, so call us today to fix ’em up before you pucker up!

Lookers get the ladies; so if your smile is an ugly shade of griege, go from dull to dazzling with the Smile Studio tooth whitening in London treatment. Equipped with a set of home whitening trays to wear for two hours per day for two weeks, you’ll be bagging all the beauties before you know it. This treatment will set you back £295 (down from £595) and your teeth will be 10 shades brighter.

For paper-white pearlies worthy of Hollywood royalty, opt for Dr Wyman Chan’s Harper’s Bazaar award-winning Get2Smile treatment.  The kit comes with a low-grade heat device and gel for you to use for 30 minutes, twice daily, for 10 days. This teeth whitening in London treatment is currently reduced from £350 to £235.

A megawatt smile doesn’t have to cost megabucks either. ‘Perfect Trays’ teeth whitening in London treatment costs £195, reduced from £295, you’ll need to wear them for two hours a day for 14 days to brighten up your teeth by four shades.

Get a killer smile with teeth whitening in London! Call 020 7439 0888 today.