Don’t Give Your Teeth A Grilling

Memo to Miley: a bright, white smile is everyone’s best fashion accessory. Have teeth whitening instead. Golden grills are just tacky.

In her “We Can’t Stop” music video, Miley Cyrus is seen rocking a blinging pair of grills and now from Justin Bieber and Rihanna to Madonna and Amanda Bynes, everyone’s at it.

Miley is currently collaborating with Justin Beiber, who has been pictured sporting his own upper and lower grills. Hoards of “Beliebers” took to Twitter and on the whole, they were not keen.

Nothing screams pimped out rapper like diamond grills. Having recently branded Miley Cyrus as ‘ugly,’ aspiring rapper, Amanda Byrne reportedly asked for a mouthpiece just like Miley’s, except hers will be in rose gold and feature pink diamonds, according to an Instagram post by jeweller Ben Baller. We think she’d be better off refreshing her smile with teeth whitening in London.

Not one to be outdone by the Hannah Montano actress, in a recent Instagram post, the Queen of Pop was snapped biting down on a sword with her golden grills. Perhaps they are on dentist’s order for the “secret project” she’s been posting about recently.

In a teaser video, thought to be part of the music video ‘Bow Down’ hidden on her website, Beyonce got in on the grill game too. A while back, she even Tumblr-ed herself rocking a vampire-like bottom grill and a huge pair of Obama earrings.

Rihanna is a repeat offender when it comes to wearing mouth bling. In a recent Instagram photo (captioned, “I’m an outlaw b-tch.!!”) the singer bared her bottom teeth to show off her diamond-encrusted mouthpiece.

So what do you think: Do the stars look good with grills? Isn’t it nicer to flash a healthy set of pearly whites? We think so. If you want to make your best accessory your smile, why not call us today on 020 7439 0888?