Don’t Fall Victim to Bleachorexia

If you’re interested in getting your teeth whitened in London then you’ve probably already done some research into the subject. Hopefully you’ve already discovered that visiting a dentist who specializes in teeth whitening, like Dr Wyman Chan at the Smile Studio in London, is the very best way to proceed, and is absolutely the safest way for your teeth. However not everybody takes this view, and dental professionals are seeing increasing numbers of people who overuse teeth whitening products in a condition being called bleachorexia. It’s no joke, as while it’s nice to have a healthy white smile, some people take it to extremes and have lost all sense of perspective to the point where it’s negatively affecting their dental health.

If you look at media pictures of the rich and famous even just a few years ago you’ll probably notice that teeth whitening expectations were much more realistic back then, but nowadays teeth have become increasingly whiter, with so-called Hollywood shades becoming far more popular. These are whiter than white, and most people perceive these types of colours as being highly unnatural, and quite undesirable when seen on the average person in the street. However others constantly strive to achieve a shade that is often unattainable through tooth whitening in London unless the patient is considering far more extensive dental work such as crowns or veneers.

When correctly done, teeth whitening can often help you achieve the type of smile you thought you’d never had, but when overdone the results can be quite the opposite. The problems generally arise from people overusing bleaching projects at home in the mistaken belief that their teeth will get ever whiter. In fact the opposite is true, as the bleaching simply leeches out much of the colour from the teeth, and can make them look quite translucent and almost grey. In addition there are a number of other risks associated with obsessively bleaching teeth, and the most common is increased sensitivity.

Teeth can become hypersensitive to hot and cold and this sensitivity is only likely to subside when someone quits over bleaching. Another common side effect is oral irritation. The soft tissues in the mouth can become irritated from the bleaching products, as using an over-the-counter kit often means the gel is applied incorrectly. Some people even end up swallowing bleach and feeling a little nauseous as a result. Overuse can also erode tooth enamel, and this can result in the teeth looking even darker as it exposes the underlying layer of dentine that contains the natural color of the teeth. Even worse teeth are more likely to decay and to feel sensitive.

In contrast, visiting Dr. Chan at the Smile Studio in London will ensure you end up with white teeth that are healthy. There is simply no substitute for visiting a dental professional, but it’s important to remain realistic about teeth whitening, and to not become a bleachorexic. The general rule of thumb is that teeth shouldn’t be much whiter than your eyes, as this is when it begins to look a little bit unnatural.