Dare to Bare

So, you’ve booked your holiday and you should be wildly excited about hitting the beach and enjoying a well-earned break. But, hold on, there’s a but? If the thought of donning a bikini is too terrifying to think about, there’s still time to make some changes. Here’s our holiday checklist…

Toned goddess

There’s plenty you can do to stop the wobble while you’re on the beach. Get down to the gym and speak to someone about personal training sessions that will get you in shape for the beach. If the gym is not for you, never fear, there’s plenty you can do. Walking will tone your legs, so ditch the car next time your journey is a local one!

Fuzz free

Depending on how far in advance you’ve booked your get away, there’s couple of options here. Laser hair removal is the ultimate solution, it takes time because the treatment is spread over a course and it’s at the pricier end of the scale, but you’ll never have to worry about unsightly hair again. If you do opt for this, make sure you tell them when your holiday is because sun exposure is a treatment factor. Alternatively, book yourself in for a wax just before you jet off and invest in a good razor to take with you. Here’s a top tip… try baby oil instead of shaving gel, you’ll get a closer shave and super soft skin too!

Pearly whites

A bright, white smile looks fabulous with a summer glow, so head down to Smile Studio for teeth whitening in London before you jet off.

Lobster ladies

It’s your first day in the sun, you’re toned, you’re smooth, your smile is dazzling from your recent teeth whitening in London and your bikini is on. If it still feels scary to be wearing so little don’t fall into the trap of ‘everyone looks thinner/better with a tan’. It may be true but please don’t be tempted to fry yourself to a crisp on your first day. You’ll burn and ruin your holiday, so take some good sun cream and stay sensible!!

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