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Lee Mead Has Teeth Whitening In London

Lee Mead is to star in musical concert The West End Men at the Vaudeville Theatre this spring.

Teeth whitening in London fan, Lee is best known for winning BBC series Any Dream Will Do and then playing the title role in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream coat, will appear alongside Kerry Ellis. Directed by Mitch Sebastian, the show runs from May 25 to June 22.

Lee has spoken publicly about visiting Dr Wyman Chan to have the Smile Studio London treatment, which is currently reduced from £595 to £295. This teeth whitening in London treatment lasts for an hour before you leave with a whitening kit so that you can top up your smile on an ongoing basis. Lee specially requested to take home Dr Wyman Chan’s invention, Get2Smile which won the Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Hot 100 award for ‘2012′s best teeth whitener.’

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Dr Wyman Chan Appearing On Fake Britain

Teeth whitening in London dentist, Dr Wyman Chan is to appear on BBC’s flagship consumer rights programme, Fake Britain. Dominic Littlewood hosts this primetime show, which investigates counterfeit goods and services in the UK. This summer, Fake Britain is highlighting the dangers of having your teeth whitened by a non-dental professional.  Our principle dentist will be advising consumers on how to safely and effectively whiten their teeth.

The show is based upon the Barrington-Armstrong Thorpe case. A cowboy trader, Barrington-Armstrong Thorpe sold teeth whitening in London products with peroxide levels up to 100 times the legal limit and was jailed last November for 18 months. He was prosecuted by Essex Trading Standards for misleading consumers and for a string of breaches of the Cosmetic Product Regulations 2008 Act. Armstrong-Thorpe had denied the offences but was found guilty by a jury.

The trader sold tooth whitening in London products from 2005 through a company called Smile Brighter Marketing Limited and later via a number of websites. By law the maximum amount of hydrogen peroxide allowed is 0.1%, unless a dental professional is supplying it. But products sold online by Armstrong-Thorpe were found to contain 103 times the limit. In 2007, he was warned by Bath Trading Standards the teeth whitener he was selling was illegal. But he continued to trade and in 2009 was contacted by Essex Trading Standards. An investigation into the business began and he continued to trade despite accepting a caution from Essex Trading Standards.

Harpers Bazaar award winner, Dr Wyman Chan, BDS (Lond.), LDS, RCS (Eng.), IADFE, PhD is a board certified clinical and research dentist with special expertise in teeth whitening in London and is therefore perfectly positioned to advise consumers on how to safely whiten their teeth.

As the first dentist to carry out laser whitening, Dr Wyman Chan is widely regarded as the father of modern teeth whitening in London. He is the Clinical Associate Teacher at Warwick Medical School. Over the years, he has trained thousands of dentists in safe, painless and effective teeth whitening in London. Dr Wyman Chan regularly publishes his work in prestigious dental journals.

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Spring / summer 2013 Trends

Bright On
From shocking shadows to electric lips, neon makeup is so hot right now. High voltage lippy (as seen at the Giles S/S 13 show) against a mega watt smile is so sexy, so make sure you book in for tooth whitening in London if you planning to rock this look this spring.

Dare To Bare
Let your natural beauty shine through this spring. Apply concealer, tinted moisturiser and powder and you’re good to go. Courtesy of Versace S/S 13, matte, velvety textures replace dewy, glowing looks this season.

Grunge Girl
As seen at Diane von Furstenberg S/S 13, leave hair loose and voluminous for a too-cool-to-care look.

Bronze Goddess
Get the Roberto Cavalli S/S 13 bronzed beach goddess look by using bronzer to softly sculpting your face and eye shadow in rich, warm tones. Remember: there’s nothing sexier than bright, white teeth against a tan, so have teeth whitening in London. It’s perfect for on the glow.

Swinging 60s
Team bold brows and a retro swoop with a side-swept fully loaded beehive, courtesy of Marc Jacobs S/S 13.

Lash Out
After several seasons of natural lengths, the full-on flirty flutter made a comeback on the Gucci S/S 13 catwalks.

Pretty In Pink
From hot pink lips to blushing peony cheeks to fuchsia eye shadow, the catwalks were in the pink for S/S ‘13. The most lust-worthy lip of the season came courtesy of Giles S/S ’13, where models were sporting supercharged pink pouts. Be sure to pair loud lips with white teeth. Nasty brown teeth don’t work with this trend. Have teeth whitening in London to turbo boost your smile.

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Turn Back The Clock With Teeth Whitening in London

Yellow teeth, receding gums and teeth that wobble: what you can do to keep your teeth looking young and healthy?


As we age, our mouth – like our body – can go through many changes, but a good brushing routine, regular dental check-ups and curtailing your sugar consumption can help to keep your teeth in your mouth rather than in a glass beside the bed.

Gum disease

Many of us suffer from gum disease as we age. It is caused by plaque made up of food and bacteria, which forms on the surface of teeth on a daily basis. If this is not cleaned off the gums can become infected.

Left untreated, gums recede and the jawbone underneath becomes affected, causing teeth to fall out. And losing teeth is not the only consequence of gum disease. Research shows that those with higher levels of the bacteria responsible for gum disease are more likely to suffer from narrowing arteries and eventually heart disease and stroke. Bleeding gums are usually the first sign. Other symptoms include soreness, bad breath, swelling and sensitivity.

Caring for your gums

The best way to protect gums is to brush your teeth and gums for at least two minutes morning and night. You should also floss to clean between teeth. Focus on the space between teeth where plaque tends to build up. Remember: teeth have five surfaces.


Teeth stain as we grow older. Decay, fillings, coffee and red wine drinking and possibly smoking all contribute. Consider professional tooth whitening in London for a youthful, healthy-looking smile.

How food affects teeth

Fizzy drinks are acidic, contributing to tooth decay. Imagine sandpaper against your enamel and you get the picture. And foods like crusty bread that need tearing can chip your teeth.

Calcium-rich foods like cheese can help to boost tooth health. And a study in the British Dental Journal showed that vitamin D works with calcium to help counter bone loss and inflammation caused by gum disease.

Visit your dentist

It’s crucial that you pay a visit to your dentist twice a year to stave off serious problems.

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Nicola Roberts Has Had Teeth Whitening in London

From Pop Stars The Rivals sweetheart to Girls Aloud goddess, Nicola Roberts is a quintessential English rose and style icon. Before her most recent smile makeover, Nicola revealed to New! Magazine that her beauty bag contained tooth whitening in London home kit, Get2Smile.

She said: “This is the exact same treatment you get at the dentist but in the comfort of your own home and it really works. If you’re a coffee or red wine drinker, or just self-conscious about your smile, you need this – it’s so innovative that I think every home should have one.”

Currently £235, down from £350, Get2Smile begins with a full dental examination with Dr Wyman Chan. Providing your teeth and gums are healthy and you are a suitable candidate for tooth whitening in London, you will learn how to use the Harper’s Bazaar award-winning Get2Smile home kit. The most technologically advanced home whitening system on the market, it comes with the world’s first heat based whitening device, which drives the gel inside the structure of the tooth at lightening speed, wiping out stain molecules on the way. Get2Smile gel contains a special, patented activator that is scientifically proven to boost stain-removing power by three-fold and neutralise the acid, making it alkaline and therefore safe and zero sensitivity. If you dislike having impressions taken, then opt for the tray-less Get2Smile teeth whitening in London system. Use for 30 minutes twice a day for 10 days and your teeth will be a full 5 shades whiter.

Get2Smile is easy to use. It’s as simple as fitting the mouth retractor, squirting some gel into a mixing bowl, painting it on to the enamel, clicking the bleaching device on to the plastic mouth guard and switching it on. When the tooth whitening in London treatment is finished, the device automatically switches off. Used for 30 minutes, twice a day, for 10 days, your teeth will be a full 5 shades whiter.

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Bigger Than

Observed by millions of viewers, teeth whitening in London dentist, Dr. Wyman Chan has appeared on Sky Living HD’s flagship show, Bigger Than.

Many of us have thought that we could look like a celebrity if we had the money to pay for cosmetic dentists, plastic surgeons, nutritionists and personal trainers.  This Sky Living HD series meets regular girls who think they have what it takes to make it as a celebrity lookalike.  The show puts girls who want to look just like Britney SpearsCheryl ColeBeyonceLady Gaga and Katy Perry on celebrity-inspired diets and gives them idol-inspired workout routines and makeovers to see if they really can look like their favourite stars.

A team of experts – including teeth whitening in London dentist, Dr Wyman Chan – is on hand to help the contestants achieve their dreams of transforming into a celeb lookalike. The winner lands herself a lucrative contract with a talent agency.

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Strictly Beautiful: Kimberley Walsh Has Tooth Whitening in London

With her flawless skin, enviably toned figure and mega-watt smile, Kimberley Walsh is of the most photographed women in Britain. Over the last decade, as one fifth of Girls Aloud, Kimberley has enjoyed 20 consecutive top 10 singles, six platinum selling albums and a Brit award. She danced her way to the final on Strictly Come Dancing and made her West End debut in Shrek The Musical. Kimberley has a lot to smile about and she has revealed her beauty weapon to Celebs on Sunday: teeth whitening in London.

She says: “A smile is often the first thing you notice about people, so I’ve always looked after my teeth. I have tooth whitening in London (sic) at Smile Studio – it’s a pain-free Hollywood smile. They’re the best in the business.”

The Smile Studio London teeth whitening in London treatment is currently down from £595 to £295. This harmless and painless treatment lasts about an hour before you leave with specially designed home whitening trays to wear for one to two hours per day for 14 days. You are given two full syringes of gel with this tooth whitening in London treatment so that you can top up your smile on an ongoing basis.  All this for £295!

Bag yourself a beautiful smile like Kimberley’s with teeth whitening in London! Call 020 7439 0888 to book an appointment to have ‘The Smile Studio London’ treatment today.

Graduates: Have Teeth Whitening in London

Few employers are expecting Megan Fox to walk through their door, but nasty gnashers, crazy hair and scruffy shoes are probably harming your career prospects more than you know.  If you’ve just left University, be sure to wave “bye-bye” to the bottle-dye and say “hello” to the London glow.

Naturally you should be judged on your ability rather than your looks, but welcome to the real world, my friend. Prejudice is alive and kicking whether you’re in the boardroom or a bar, so suck it up and play the game.  Fact: lookers land the job because on some subconscious level, polish is perceived to indicate intelligence, eagerness and capability. Although if you have an IQ of over 140, you’ll probably drive the competition off the road, so no need to read on for you!  But for the rest of us mere mortals, know that a bringing smile, a blow dry and a good suit spell success and money. Attractive people earn between 10 and 15 percent more than their less comely colleagues. In fact, according to Forbes, general unattractiveness brings a wage loss in the range of between 7 and 9 percent. Employers understand that their clients are likely to look at their employees and make judgments based upon appearance, so they often institute grooming policies. They may want to make sure that their most visible employees are thinner and have a more professional appearance. So as a starting point, what can you do to give yourself a competitive edge?

Have teeth whitening in London. The Smile Studio London treatment is currently down from £595 to £295. This harmless and painless treatment lasts about an hour before you leave with specially designed home whitening trays to wear for one to two hours per day for 14 days. You are given two full syringes of gel with this tooth whitening in London treatment so that you can top up your smile on an ongoing basis.

Bag yourself bangs that scream, “I’m serious about my career.”  Think Jennifer Anniston as opposed to Helena Bonham Carter and you won’t go far wrong.

Less is more when it comes to make up, fragrance and jewellery or your peers will think you’re more interested in getting your leg over than getting a leg up.

Pay close attention to both the appropriateness and condition of the clothing and shoes you wear to work. Scruffy work attire signals you don’t care about the details. Uber high fashion attire will get you noticed for entirely the wrong reasons.  Striking the right balance is imperative.  Dress as you want to be seen: serious, professional, upward-bound and client-facing.

Have the odd manicure. On a subconscious level, natty nails mean you will be undisciplined and slovenly in the office. Seriously: how hard is it to paint on some polish now and then? If you bite, invest in some gel nails.

In today’s world there is one thing that can be said with absolute certainty: looks matter. Our society is obsessed with them. Whether it’s the cashier at the grocery store or the barrister arguing a case at the High Court, appearance matters. Employers and customers in the business world regularly make decisions based upon looks, so box clever and groom yourself for success.

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Olivia Grant Has Teeth Whitening in London

With starring roles in blockbusters like Stardust and flagship BBC series including Lark Rise to Candleford and Garrow’s Law, Olivia Grant is a paparazzi favourite.  So how does this flame-haired, pre-Raphaelite beauty stay red-carpet-ready? Tooth whitening in London, of course!

She tells her In Style blog readers: “Nothing says London Bakerloo line commute like teeth that have seen too many skinny decaf lattes and Dr. Chan at Smile Studio off Shaftesbury Avenue is killing it with his new whitening technique. LA White is now a reality and his home kit means that you can top up as and when you need to.”

Currently reduced from £595 to £295, the Smile Studio London treatment starts with a full dental examination to ensure you are a suitable candidate for tooth whitening in London. Dr Wyman Chan protects the sensitive part of your teeth and gums before painting on the gel and turning on the iPower, which uses heat to push the gel inside the enamel, wiping out stains along the way. This harmless and painless teeth whitening in London treatment lasts about an hour before you leave with a home kit for maintaining your beautiful new smile. Olivia specially requested to leave armed with the Harper’s Bazaar award-winning Get2Smile kit.

If you have had tooth whitening in London by other leading brands in the past, you will know that results usually last for a maximum of three months. This means the treatment has only reduced the stain molecules inside the teeth to a medium size.  Following the treatment, they rapidly re-form and the staining reappears. The Smile Studio London treatment breaks them down into very small particles and takes them eight times longer to re-form, so that results last for up to two years. This makes the treatment excellent value for money, especially given many dentists charge around £600 for such a treatment.

In another interview, Olivia tells Sunday Times Style readers: “Look after your smile – it takes years off you. I go to Smile Studio London for whitening treatments.”

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Dr. Wyman Chan is a highly regarded teeth whitening in London dentist and the vice chairman of the London Chinatown Chinese Association (LCCA). This year, he assumed overall responsibility for organising the Chinese New Year in London celebrations supported by the Mayor of London’s Office.

Thanks to Dr. Wyman Chan and his team, Chinese New Year came to the West End in a breathtaking blaze of colour on Sunday 10th February 2013. Half a million braved the rain and headed into the centre of the capital to herald the Year of the Snake, which is all about action, change, innovation and achievement.

The festivities offered revellers a feast of Chinese culture, including a gravity defying lion dance, fireworks and a variety of performers from China and the UK including critically acclaimed tenor, Paul Potts and Emmy The Great (formerly of Noah and the Whale).

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who is supporting the celebrations, says, “London’s Chinese New Year celebrations will be without doubt an early highlight of 2013. Bringing hundreds of thousands of people into central London it is one of the most exuberant and colourful events of the year, with Londoners and visitors alike enjoying acrobats, musicians and performers from the UK and China itself. As we get set for the Year of the Snake, have a wonderful celebration. Kung Hei Fat Choy.”

The opening ceremony with the traditional eye dotting ceremony, saw dignitaries including Chinese Ambassador to the UK, Mr. Liu Xiao Ming and Deputy Mayor for Education and Culture Munira Mirza turn out. A dramatic firecracker display signaled a cultural feast of Chinese music, dance and acrobatics, all organized by teeth whitening in London dentist, Dr. Wyman Chan!

As well as musician Emmy the Great, 100 performers took their places on the Trafalgar Square main stage, including the world-renowned Chen Brothers Flying Lion Dance and variety performers from Guangdong and Sichuan Provinces.

London’s Chinese New Year celebrations were extremely family friendly. As well as the parade and festival, there were stalls offering a variety of souvenirs including lanterns, paper dragons, drums and paper cutting artwork and people attending were also invited to sample the delicious regional food that is served in and around Chinatown.

Teeth whitening in London dentist and vice chairman of the LCCA, Dr. Wyman Chan says, “Chinese New Year is the big event of the year for the worldwide Chinese community.  It’s been celebrated for thousands of years, but nowadays it is welcomed by over a sixth of the world’s population.  It is wonderful to witness the celebration of Chinese culture in London. This multi-cultural city sees the largest celebration of Chinese New Year outside Asia. Kung Hei Fat Choy!”