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Keep it Legal

So you’ve made the decision to have tooth whitening in London but where do you go? There’s lots of tempting deals out there and many of them seem too good to be true. Well, sorry to break it to you, but they are.

If your local beautician is offering the service, steer clear. Only dentists, dental hygienists and dental therapists (working to the prescription of a dentist) who are registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) can carry out tooth whitening.The recent case of Lorna Jamous highlights the point.

On 10 May 2013, the High Court in London overturned an acquittal by Westminster Magistrates Court of Lorna Jamous, who had pleaded not guilty to the offence of practising dentistry (tooth whitening in London) while not registered with the GDC. Following the successful appeal by the GDC, the case has been remitted to Westminster Magistrates Court for sentence at a date to be determined.

This makes it very clear that for tooth whitening, the only person you should visit is GDC-registered dental professional. Quite frankly, why would you want to go anywhere else?!

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Hazardous Foods

A bright, white smile is something we all dream of and deserve but what makes our gnashers dull and unappealing? What we eat and drink can have a massive impact on our pearly whites. Here are the top offenders…

Red wine

I know, I know, it’s always the things we love that are best avoided. The best advice is to brush before your tipple to avoid it attaching to plaque, but not immediately after as the acidity in the wine can damage the enamel. Or choose white wine instead 😉


Can’t start the morning without a double hit of espresso? Quitting caffeine altogether may be unrealistic, but cutting down isn’t. Forgo that last cup of rosie of the day and it will make a long-term difference.


Soy, balsamic, tomato and curry are the most prolific offenders; basically anything dark or rich in colour will stain. You don’t need to avoid them altogether, it’s just good to be aware and keep it in moderation.


This superfood is great for your health but those sneaky little berries are bad for your pearlies. ‘Nuff said!

Avoiding or cutting down on these tooth criminals will help to prevent any further stains, but if you want to restore your teeth to their full glory, try tooth whitening in London.

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Tooth Clean Regime

So you’ve noticed your smile needs a bit of love and attention and you’re wondering where to begin. Before you start considering extensive orthodontic work, teeth whitening in London or veneers, let’s think about the basics…

It might sound simple, but the way you care for your teeth can have a massive impact on the way they look. Let’s take brushing as an example. You need to brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste for two minutes, twice daily. ‘Simple!’ I hear you cry… well, how about timing yourself? You may just be surprised. Try not to cut your brushing short; this is the optimal amount of time to ensure you clean all of your teeth thoroughly.

Next, there’s interdental cleaning. You can do this with tape, floss, or tiny brushes that get right in between the teeth and it’s important because it helps prevent the build up of plaque. After this, a mouthwash will help to remove bacteria and keep your breath fresh.

Good oral hygiene is important because it reduces the risk of you suffering from gum disease, which can lead to bone and tooth loss if untreated. Missing teeth just ain’t sexy in anyone’s books!

So your teeth are clean and your breath is fresh but you’re still not as happy as you could be. Well why not try tooth whitening in London? This is the quickest, simplest and safest way to rejuvenate your grin and get you feeling sexy and confident.

Try tooth whitening in London today, call 020 7439 0888 for an appointment.

One for The Fellas

There’s plenty of beauty articles about with advice for the ladies but what about all the men out there? Well, don’t worry guys, from tooth whitening in London to fine fragrance, we’ve got some tips to get you groomed to perfection…

1. Keep it trimmed

Whatever your style, it’s essential to keep your locks in order. Whether you keep it short and sweet or a bit longer, regular visits to the barber are necessary. The secret to fabulous locks is all in the preparation; so after you’ve had a good cut, maintain it with a decent shampoo (and a conditioner, go on, we dare you).

2. Sparkling smile

A nice smile and good teeth won’t go unnoticed by the opposite sex. If yours is looking less than polished then try teeth whitening in London for the perfect solution.

3. Moisturise

Keep your skin glowing and youthful with a good moisturiser. There’s plenty out there designed specifically for male skin, from Nivea to Clinique, its just all about a bit of trial and error to find the right one for you.

4. Signature smell

Try to pick a fragrance that suits you but stands out from the crowd. That doesn’t mean splashing the whole bottle over you on your way out the door, you don’t want to knock everyone out with your scent! Head to a department store and try the less obvious brands to find something truly unique for you.

5. The MANicure

Are you man enough to try a male manicure? This has become essential grooming for the modern businessman, giving you that extra edge over the competition. We’re not suggesting you go for the latest shade of hot pink – leave that to the ladies, please – just a nice file and buff, scrub and moisturise.

For more information on teeth whitening in London, call 020 7439 0888.

Health Kick

If you’ve been neglecting your health recently then the onset of summer (we can hope, right?!) should be enough to give you the boost you need to get healthy and happy. From teeth whitening in London to eating your five a day, here are a few little pointers to get you started…

Stub it out

If you’re a smoker then there’s plenty of support out there to help you quit for good. Check out to find out where you can get free local advice about giving up. You will you save money but you could also save your life, did you know that smoking kills around 80,000 people in England every year? Once you stubbed the habit, why not treat yourself to tooth whitening in London to banish all of those nicotine stains!

Limit your drinking

Most of us like to indulge in the odd pint or glass of wine but if you’ve been boozing a bit too much lately then it’s time to reign it in. By cutting down, you’ll feel more energised and you’ll start to see the pounds dropping off. Just think of that beach body…! If you’ve indulged in too much red vino then try teeth whitening in London to restore your pearly white smile.

5 a day

You are what you eat. Fact.

Swap those stodgy carbs for crunchy veg and bin the chocolate in favour of fresh fruit. Not only will it help you lose weight, your skin will be glowing and your hair will be glossy.

Leave the car at home

If you can walk it, why drive it? Try walking whenever possible, it’s great cardio and will work wonders for toning those thighs (beach body, remember).

For a healthy, white smile, call 020 7439 0888 for more information on teeth whitening in London.

Grim to Goddess in 5 Easy Steps

If the grey skies are getting you down and your purse won’t stretch to booking up the Bahamas don’t despair, we’ve got some quick fixes to help you transform yourself and lift your spirits. From teeth whitening in London to a lovely long bath, read on to find out more…

1. Lash it

You know that girl. The one with the lovely long eyelashes you’ve always envied. Well they can be yours and it won’t cost as much as you think. Head down to Boots to pick up some individual lashes, they’re fiddly at first but once you get to grips with them, you’ll never look back (through those gorgeous new lashes). And no one will ever know it cost less than a tenner.We won’t tell if you wont…

2. Pearly whites

Your smile is one of the first things people will notice about you. If yours is letting you down then turn that frown around with teeth whitening in London! There’s always a great deal on offer and in just an hour or so you’ll be feeling super smiley and totally gorgeous.

3. Kettlebell bombshell

If you’re a member of the gym, find out if they’re offering kettlebell classes. If they don’t, they probably soon will be and we guarantee, you’ll love it. If the gym is out of your budget you can pick up some kettlebells from your local sports shop and YouTube has plenty of handy videos to get you started with the basic moves. You’ll end up with buns of steel and thighs to die for, promise…

4. Scrub up

Yeah, yeah we’d all love to head to the spa for a lovely exfoliation treatment to get our skin smoother than a baby’s bum but it can be hard to justify the cost. You know those weird scratchy gloves you always see in the beauty aisle for a couple of quid? Get them to use with your favourite shower gel. You’ll love us for this tip.

5. Bubbles galore

At the end of a long day, shut the door, kick off those Jimmy Choos (a girl can dream, right?!) and run yourself a lovely hot bath. Chuck in some bubbles or essential oils, grab a book or a magazine and relax. How nice is that? For added glam, reach for a glass (or two) of champers for the ultimate bliss out experience. Lush.

If your smile is letting you down, call 020 7439 0888 for more information on tooth whitening in London.

Backpacking Beauty Junkies Have Teeth Whitening in London

Calling all globetrotting girlie girls! Are you’re leaving London life behind to set sail around the world to explore new cultures and climes? Then you’re probably on the lookout for some beauty cheats (including tooth whitening in London) that will see you through to baggage reclaim at Heathrow.

Humidity Hair Mares

Want hair that can hold up in wind, rain and humidity? Split ends double your chances of frizz, literally. So be sure to trim before you go away and have those layers snipped away if you can. They have notoriously wayward tendencies in wetter conditions.

Blow the budget and splurge on a Brazilian blow-dry. Hair is infused with keratin, a protein naturally found in skin, hair and nails, which when sealed in, tames your mane for three whole months. You’ll be tress-tastic all summer long.

Beaches And Cream

Would you dare to barewhile looking like a ghost? Thought not. Backpacking pros wake up and glow. Before you go, be sure to devote some time to pre-tan prep, carefully exfoliating and moisturising, so you’re less likely to look like streak-zilla on those far-flung sandy shores.Get yourself beach-ready and book a spray tan the day before you go and don’t forget to pack some gradual tan so that you can top up your glow on the go. Of course, there’s nothing sexier than a bright, white smile against a tan, so have tooth whitening in London. It’s the perfect glow enhancer.

Brows A-Go-Go

When your brows and lashes frame your face well, you barely need a scrap of make-up, so a brow makeover is a pre-holiday must-have. Get your eyebrows tinted and shaped before you jet off for minimal and stress-free maintenance while you’re away.

Teeth Whitening In London

Show off your tan with a bright white smile that screams Miami Beach. Bargainist as will love The Smile Studio London tooth whitening in London treatment, which is currently reduced from £595 to £295. Your teeth will be up to 14 shades whiter by the time you jet off to paradise.

Polished Beach Beauty

Have a Shellac mani/ pedi before you sail away and be polished to perfection for three whole weeks. Once you’ve gone Shellac, you don’t go back!

Beat The Fuzz

Banish that razor and wave goodbye to wax. Who wants to worry about de-fuzzing while there’s a world of fun to be had? You can avoid it looking like a jungle South of the border by investing in a home laser hair removal kit. You’ll need to spend some time every two weeks blitzing your body for a good nine months, but you’ll be glad you did when you’re trekking the Inca trail with little access to clean water – trust us!

In The Buff

Of course, the great outdoors offers the best space for exercise – and if you’re travelling we’re guessing you’re up for seeing it. Hire a bike, go kayaking, river rafting, snorkeling, and swimming. Whether you’re the trekking type or jogging on the beach at sunset floats your boat, when you’ve got stunning surroundings to distract you, exercise can feel a lot less like hard work.

Be ready to bring your sexy to the shore.  Call us today on 020 7439 0888 to book teeth whitening in London.

8 Beauty Crimes You Should Avoid

From teeth whitening in London to OPI varnish, the High Street is positively brimming with little miracles to solve your most bothersome beauty blunders, so there’s no excuse for slipping into slob-dom. Read our top eight crimes against comeliness or commit them at your peril.

Build A Strong Foundation

There is no excuse for that orange murky tidemark around your jaw line. You wear foundation to create the illusion that your skin is naturally flawless, so make sure you blend your foundation right down to your décolletage or risk looking like you’re wearing a ghastly mask.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Long flowing locks are sexy as hell, but avoid the hairdresser for too long and you risk going from chic to comical. Snip snip, Rapunzel.

Makeup On The Move

There’s nothing polished about sharing your routine with your fellow Tube passengers. Please, apply your makeup before you leave for work in the morning.

You’ve Been Tangoed!

Your bronzer should make you look like you’ve just got back from the gym. Think healthy faux glow rather than tangoed no-no.

Lighten Up!

Nothing says Northern line like yellow teeth, so if your smile has seen too many cappuccinos, turn back the clock with teeth whitening in London.

Make A Bee Line

If you are not naturally blessed with Angelina Jolie’s perfect bees-stung pout, then by all means, line ‘em up, just do so with a shade that matches your lippy or risk looking like one hot mess straight out of TOWIE.

Nail It!

Happily sport chipped varnish on your talons? You’re on a one-way ticket to beauty slob-dom. Worse, it’s one of the first things interviewers notice as they shake your hand. If you can’t be bothered to endure a full manicure, just grab a nail varnish remover wipe. Simples!

Scouse Brows

This monstrous movement gripping C-lebrity land is scaring us! Ladies, calm down the kohl! Think Kate Middleton not Lauren Goodger when you whip out the stencils please.

To turn your teeth from griege to gorg, call us today on 020 7439 0888.

Birthday Belles have Tooth Whitening in London

When socks just won’t do, give your loved one the gift of asmile with teeth whitening in London.

If your loved one has been burning the candle at both ends and is looking a little lacklustre, transform her from drab to fab in a flash with the Smile Studio teeth whitening in London treatment. She’ll spend an hour in the dentist’s chair before leaving with home whitening trays to wear for two weeks. The Smile Studio London tooth whitening in London treatment is currently reduced from £595 to £295. Your party princess will certainly thank you for her birthday makeover.

Beauty queens will love the Get2Smile teeth whitening in London treatment. Favoured by pop divas including Cheryl Cole and Adele, this is the exact same treatment you get in the dentist chair, but you do it at home. It comes with the world’s first heat based whitening device, which drives the gel inside the structure of the tooth at lightening speed, wiping out stain molecules on the way. Currently reduced from £350 to £235,this Harper’s Bazaar award-winning tooth whitening in London kit will make sure she dazzles dance floor paramours at her birthday bash.

Supercharge her smile on a shoestring budget with ‘Perfect Trays’ teeth whitening in London treatment, which costs £195, reduced from £295. She’ll need to wear them for two hours a day for 14 days to go four shades lighter. She’ll be all white on her big night!

Give your birthday girl something to smile about. Get her ready for her close up with tooth whitening in London.  Call 020 7439 0888 today.

Honeymooners: Wave Bon Voyage to Bad Teeth

Calling all newlyweds! Put your money where your mouth is and have teeth whitening in London before you jet off to paradise.

Wow your new husband with the Smile Studio teeth whitening in London treatment. Your smile will go from dull to dazzling in just under an hour before you leave with home whitening trays for topping up your new megawatt smile. You’ll be picture perfect all honeymoon long! The Smile Studio London treatment is currently reduced from £595 to £295.

Look drop-dead gorgeous for less with Get2Smile.  Favoured by celebrities including Cheryl Cole and The Wanted, this kit comes with the world’s first heat based whitening device, which drives the gel inside the structure of the tooth at lightening speed, wiping out stain molecules on the way. It was named 2012’s best teeth whitener within the Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Hot 100. This teeth whitening in London treatment is currently reduced from £350 to £235 and will get you beach ready in no time.

Budget beach belles should opt for ‘Perfect Trays’ tooth whitening in London treatment, which costs £195, reduced from £295, you’ll need to wear them for two hours a day for 14 days to brighten up your teeth by four shades. You’ll be turning up the heat on the beach before you know it!

For a swoon-worthy smile, call 020 7439 0888 today.