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Makeover Monday: Teeth Whitening in London

Monday again. Time to wash the weekend out of your hair and start that usual weekly routine all over again.


Had enough of the same old? Then use Monday as the perfect excuse to refresh your look. Let’s start at the top for inspiration – your barnet to be exact. There are plenty of options here. Either you can go for a haircut, get some dye going on in there, or try a new up-do.  Twisted buns or braids can give your look the perfect update without too much effort!

So, what about make up? Depending on your current look there’s plenty of new avenues to try. If you’re normally a nude lip kinda girl why not try a splash of colour with a bright lipstick? If that’s a bit brave for a Monday morning, try a coloured gloss instead. You could also trial a feline flick, Taylor Swift style. Or you could pare down your look and go au naturel dusting some blusher on the cheeks and a slick of mascara.

Hair sorted, make up fixed, ready to smile? Yellow teeth are not a good look so if yours are letting you down, book yourself an appointment to have teeth whitening in London. It’s the ultimate way to revive your look and get your style groomed to perfection. Whatever new look you choose, bright white teeth are always an instant hit. Tooth whitening in London only takes an hour in the chair, perfect for all you busy ladies out there!

To book your teeth whitening in London call 020 7439 0888.

Nick Ferrari Has Had Teeth Whitening in London

In an extract from his autobiography, The World *And London* According to Nick Ferrari, the LBC radio supremo talks about having tooth whitening in London by Dr Wyman Chan.

Pages 18 and 19: And so, when I was offered a freebie session of teeth whitening in London (sic) by a dentist who was running a promotion on the radio show, I understandably declined – too scared, you see. It was only when he offered to inject himself with anything he wanted to stick into my gums that I started to have a slightly different view of dentists. Perhaps, after all, they weren’t the psychotic nutters hell-bent on inflicting as much pain on me as possible that I thought they were. And it’s not that I have a sadistic streak, but there was something incredibly comforting about watching this chapstick a needle in his gums – so much so that I didn’t feel a thing as he did the same to me.

Nick talks about having the Smile Studio London tooth whitening in London treatment:

As I relaxed in the chair for what I knew was going to be a good long stint, I was handed a pair of high tech, space-age goggles through which I could watch movies. Having seen how the potential discomfort of others had soothed my fearful soul, I decided that I would be best to choose a movie that depicted violence, pain and the suffering of other people. Black Hawk Down, I decided, was the vehicle for me; whatever dental discomfort I was to go through, it couldn’t be as bad as those poor marines chasing through the war ravaged streets of Mogadishu.

It worked a treat! I came out with a splendid set of pearly whites and a much improved mental attitude towards my friends the dentists…

Nick talks about having teeth whitening London again on page 265:

Working on the radio has made me a bit lazy – nobody can see you, so you can go four or five days without shaving and it doesn’t really matter. But I like to make an effort when I’m on the television. Given that I’m nearly always going to be taking a pretty controversial point of view, the least I can do is make sure people don’t think, What a great, fat, scruffy, unshaven git with all those horrible views. Much better that they think of me as a great, fat, scruffy, cleanly shaven git with horrible views and superb hair thanks to Nicky Clarke and teeth courtesy of Dr Wyman Chan of Smile Studio.

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Louis Walsh Reignites Feud With Teeth Whitening in London Fans, Girls Aloud

The ongoing feud between teeth whitening in London fans, Girls Aloud and their ex-manager has been well publicised but all seemed to be reconciled…

Until recently…

Speaking to the Daily Star, Louis just couldn’t resist another dig about the band: ‘They all pretend to get on well in public, but underneath, all they want is to be the skinniest and go out with the most famous footballer and be in the middle of pictures and all that.’

Rivalry or not, the girls have always been big believers of teeth whitening in London, paying regular visits to Dr Wyman Chan to keep their pearly whites in top condition. So, if you want to stay one step ahead of your mates, make like Girls Aloud and book yourself in for teeth whitening in London!

For more information on tooth whitening in London, call 020 7439 0888!

Smile, It’s National

You may not be aware of it, but 20 May to 20 June is National Smile Month, a campaign by the British Dental Health Foundation to get people talking about oral health.

Often, the impact of bad oral hygiene habits is underestimated and many people are unaware of the health implications it can lead to.

National Smile Month has three key messages:
• Brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste
• Cut down on how often you have sugary foods and drinks
• Visit your dentist regularly, as often as they recommend

If your brushing is up to scratch but your smile still seems a little on the dull side then you can do something about it. Tooth whitening in London can give you the confidence to share in the national message. Now, isn’t that something to smile about?! There are plenty of places offering teeth whitening in London but for the celebrity treatment minus the whopping price tag, there’s really only one place to go!

Want to find out more about teeth whitening in London? Call 020 7439 0888 today.

Transform Your Dad From Dull To Dazzling With Teeth Whitening in London

Yep, it’s that time of year again, Father’s Day. We love our dads and its brilliant to let them know how much they mean to us, but this day requires a little bit more thought than just a quickly scribbled card.

So, what are you going to do? Your dad is your hero, so make him feel like one.

How? That’s simple! Give him the gift of tooth whitening in London. For just £295 you can treat your dad to a gleaming white smile that Clark Kent would be proud to flash! The painless teeth whitening in London treatment lasts about an hour, then your dad will leave with Perfect Trays and whitening gel to use at home for 14 days to boost that smile. It really is the gift that keeps on giving!

What’s more, the treatment is usually £595 meaning you’re getting an absolute bargain – winner!

For more information on teeth whitening in London call 020 7439 0888 today.

Should Have Had Teeth Whitening in London: Rylan’s #Teeth Drama

Poor Rylan Clarke, he’s only gone and pulled his teeth out in his sleep. Well, his temporary ones, that is.

Our Ry took to Twitter to share his latest drama: ‘Drama… My temporary teeth have fallen out…. NOT a good look.’ He even posted a picture, aaagghh!

Now, if Rylan had opted for teeth whitening in London, he wouldn’t be in such a pickle, would he? The star, who found fame on The X Factor, is having veneers placed to give him a new pearly white grin. However, he could have saved himself a fortune and gone for a more natural, yet gleaming look with a visit to the Smile Studio.

He’s tweeted to say he’s off to get some new temporaries placed while he waits for the finished result, let’s hope he’s a bit more careful with them this time around!

If you want a white smile with none of the invasive work that veneers require, opt for tooth whitening in London instead. We can guarantee your teeth won’t fall out in your sleep like Rylan’s!

For more on teeth whitening in London, call 020 7439 0888.

Dare to Bare

So, you’ve booked your holiday and you should be wildly excited about hitting the beach and enjoying a well-earned break. But, hold on, there’s a but? If the thought of donning a bikini is too terrifying to think about, there’s still time to make some changes. Here’s our holiday checklist…

Toned goddess

There’s plenty you can do to stop the wobble while you’re on the beach. Get down to the gym and speak to someone about personal training sessions that will get you in shape for the beach. If the gym is not for you, never fear, there’s plenty you can do. Walking will tone your legs, so ditch the car next time your journey is a local one!

Fuzz free

Depending on how far in advance you’ve booked your get away, there’s couple of options here. Laser hair removal is the ultimate solution, it takes time because the treatment is spread over a course and it’s at the pricier end of the scale, but you’ll never have to worry about unsightly hair again. If you do opt for this, make sure you tell them when your holiday is because sun exposure is a treatment factor. Alternatively, book yourself in for a wax just before you jet off and invest in a good razor to take with you. Here’s a top tip… try baby oil instead of shaving gel, you’ll get a closer shave and super soft skin too!

Pearly whites

A bright, white smile looks fabulous with a summer glow, so head down to Smile Studio for teeth whitening in London before you jet off.

Lobster ladies

It’s your first day in the sun, you’re toned, you’re smooth, your smile is dazzling from your recent teeth whitening in London and your bikini is on. If it still feels scary to be wearing so little don’t fall into the trap of ‘everyone looks thinner/better with a tan’. It may be true but please don’t be tempted to fry yourself to a crisp on your first day. You’ll burn and ruin your holiday, so take some good sun cream and stay sensible!!

To get the holiday smile of your dreams, call 020 7439 0888 today.

You’re hired!

Time for a new job but dread the interview process? Confidence is key in these situations, if yours could do with a boost don’t worry, from your portfolio to teeth whitening in London, bag yourself the perfect new appointment with these top tips…

Walk tall

I don’t care if you’re 4’10” or 5’10”, confidence comes from how you feel. So, take a deep breath, stand up straight and hold your shoulders back… you might feel like a nervous wreck inside but on the outside you’ll be portraying the very essence of a cool and calm candidate.


You’ve got the credentials and you know you’re right for this job but they’re hiring a person, so show some personality. You might be fabulous on paper but if you come across as boring you won’t stand a chance. Your best – and easiest to use ­– tool is your smile, so use it! It will make you feel relaxed and it looks nice to boot. If you want to get yours looking tip top then book in for some tooth whitening in London, you won’t be able to stop smiling then!

Get fresh

It might sound obvious but cleanliness is highly important in interview situations. You are being judged from head to toe so make sure your hair is freshly washed, your nails are clean and tidy and a spritz of that nice perfume you save for special occasions won’t go unnoticed. Keep your breath fresh too. A handy pack of mints in your bag is essential.


Have a copy of your CV to hand and, please, remember what you’ve included on it because they will grill you about it. Depending on the type of job you’re going for, you may need a portfolio of past work. If so, ensure it’s tidy, in order and please don’t leave it on the train!

For a confident and bright smile, try teeth whitening in London to help you fly through the interview process. Call 020 7439 0800.

Wedding Gift Sorted!

Wedding season is creeping up on us and it’ll soon be time to frantically start searching for a fabulous outfit to wear on your loved one’s special day.

Do you find that by the time you’ve got round to thinking about the perfect present for that special couple all the best ones on the gift list have been snapped up?

Well, don’t despair; we’ve got the perfect solution for you! Why not become the most thoughtful guest ever and get them something they can have BEFORE the wedding that will make them look and feel fabulous on the big day? Tooth whitening in London is your answer!

It’s currently only £295 (usually £595) for harmless and painless teeth whitening in London, an absolute bargain for a fabulous treatment that will make any bride and groom feel special on their wedding day.

Calling all bridesmaids and groomsmen, why not club together and book that special couple in for tooth whitening in London? They’ll love you for it, we promise. Call 020 7439 0800 today.

Frankie’s Baby Joy

One of our lovely celebrity clients, Frankie Sandford, has revealed she is pregnant, just weeks after getting engaged.

The size-8 star has always been image conscious – that’s why she has teeth whitening in London – and has tweeted about her shopping difficulties: ‘Shopping pregnant is not fun. Looking at all the gorgeous summer clothes that won’t fit you. Best to stick with shoes and bags!’

We wonder whether they’ll decided to have the wedding before or after the baby is born, she might not be too happy about having a baby bump in her wedding photos!

Frankie has told New! Magazine: ‘I’ve tried lots of different tooth whitening in London treatments (sic), but the Smile Studio London one is definitely the best. I also take their home whitening kit called Get2Smile on tour with me to make sure my teeth stay really white when I’m performing.’

Although there’s no evidence to say it’s unsafe to have tooth whitening while pregnant, there’s also nothing to say its safe either. We can’t wait to welcome Frankie back to Smile Studio after she’s had her baby!

If you have some fab news to smile about and want teeth as gleaming as Frankie’s while you shout about it, call the Smile Studio on 020 7439 0888 today.