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Let’s Talk About It

We’ve been dedicating our latest blogs to the boys to recognise the fact that it’s Men’s Health Week. So, what’s it all about?

Statistics reveal that more than 4,500 men take their own lives each year in the UK and it’s the leading cause of death in men under the age of 35. But why? It’s because many of you fell as are just not willing to talk about the things that are bothering you, whereas women will seek help if they’re feeling depressed.

The first thing to do in this situation is to open up. Talk to your best mate, your partner or a family member. If you’re not comfortable with that, see your GP instead. Remember, no one is going to judge you. The people who care will want to help. The old adage of ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ really is true. Get those issues out of your head and put them on someone else’s shoulders for a bit. You’ll feel better just for doing that.

Once you’ve shared your thoughts, you need to start picking yourself back up again. There are lots of things you can do to feel good again. Be a social butterfly and arrange lots of catch-ups with friends, having a carefree chat and a laugh can work wonders.

Smile. Even if you don’t feel like it, smiling will make you feel better. If your smile is letting you down, try tooth whitening in London. This also gives you a bit of ‘you time’ to feel a bit pampered and special. Not only that, but having teeth whitening in London will make you look better and this will have the knock on effect of making you feel better.

Put your headphones in, turn the music up and hit the gym or go for a run. That hour of exercise will help you focus your mind on something different and help you escape the things that are bothering you.

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Big Birthday? It’s All White, Thanks To Teeth Whitening in London

You thought the day would never come. Now, suddenly, that big birthday you’ve been dreading has crept up on you and you’re waking up in a cold sweat at night at the terrifying prospect of GETTING OLD.

Oh God.

Don’t despair. As cliché as it sounds, it’s not that bad. You won’t wake up on your big birthday with grey hair and wrinkles – promise. Nothing really changes. Ok, that’s a lie, you may have to tick a different age group box on forms now, but that’s all. However, if you’re feeling a little blue, we’ve just the tonic for you (including teeth whitening in London).

Wellspring of Youth
Drink gallons of water. When you’re dehydrated your body takes water from your brain, leaving you tired, and from your skin, leaving it dry. Dry skin equals wrinkles, people! So, stay hydrated. It’s the fountain of youth, so it is.

Turn Back The Clock
You look happier and youthful when you flash a bright, white smile. However, yellow teeth are best hidden. They age you. If your coffee consumption is starting to show, have tooth whitening in London. It will give you an instant lift, wiping years off you.

Get Your Party On
There’s no point moping around. Get out there and celebrate your birthday. Life is short so don’t waste it!

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Single and Ready to Mingle?

Are you a long-term singleton who just can’t find the girl of your dreams? Or are you fresh out of a relationship – like Joey Essex – and need to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back in the game? Never fear fellas, from eye contact to teeth whitening in London, we’ve got some top pulling tips for you…

Get Buff

If you’re looking to impress us females then you need to get your sorry butt down to the gym and start working out! We like our men to be men, not boys, so get those muscles pumping. Exuding health is a big attraction for both sexes – remember that!

Cheeky Grin

On the subject of health, your smile can be a dead giveaway, so is yours up to scratch? One of the things we first notice in the opposite sex is their smile and yellow, stained teeth are a big turn off. Don’t fret, just head down to Smile Studio for teeth whitening in London. Here, you can turn your grin from turn off to turn on in about an hour. Simple!

Be A Comedian

Girls just love a funny guy. Fact. If you can make us laugh then half the battle is won. You don’t need to sit at home writing a stand-up script to take down the local, the trick here is to relax and just be your (funniest) self.

Don’t Be Too Keen

We love a bit of a chase. It makes you a challenge and that just makes us want you more. So start of with a bit of eye contact across the room to grab our attention, then play it cool by having a laugh with your mates. Follow it up with a cheeky grin – you’ve just had tooth whitening in London, remember! – across the room at your chosen lady and you’ll have her in the palm of your hand.

Well, that’s what you think, us ladies have our own wiley ways but these are secrets I’m just not sharing – it’s girl code after all. Good luck!

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Popping The Question? Have Teeth Whitening in London

To celebrate Men’s Health Week (10-16 June), we’ll focus on topics for the fell as in the next few blogs – because you’re worth it too!

With wedding season well and truly underway, it’s enough to pull at the heartstrings of even the toughest of blokes. Maybe there are a few of you out there thinking of popping the question? If so, from choosing the ring to having teeth whitening in London, here are a few little pointers to help you out.

Rock Solid
If you know what she likes – you need to be 100% sure – then proposing with a bobby dazzler of a ring is a winner. However, if you doubt your ring-buying abilities – there’s no shame in this, its not easy – there are a couple of options here that won’t arouse her suspicion. Ask the person closest to your special lady (other than you, of course), speak to her mum, sister or best friend, someone who will be able to help you pick the ring that she’ll adore. Remember, she’ll wear this for the rest of her life, so it really does need to be perfect. If you’re still unsure, don’t despair. Arm yourself with three Haribo rings and tell her she gets to choose herself when you go ring shopping together. Memo to our menfolk: make sure your teeth are as dazzling as the ring. Have tooth whitening in London and flash her a smile when you get down on one knee.

Location, Location, Location
Public display or private and discreet? This all depends on the personality of your lovely lady. If she’s the shy and retiring type, don’t put her through a big, showy proposal in front of lots of people – she’ll just want the ground to swallow her up! Instead, keep it personal and romantic. If she’s more confident and likes a fuss, you have free reign to go all out! Whatever you choose, make it romantic and special to the two of you.

Groomed To Succeed
Fellas, please, you NEED to look your best here. This is the most important question you’re ever going to ask, so groom yourself for success! Start by booking an appointment for teeth whitening in London at Smile Studio. Nothing will knock her socks off more than your gorgeous, white smile when you’re down on one knee. Next, get a haircut, have a shave, wear that shirt she loves and you’re good to go!

For a dazzling, white smile, find out more on teeth whitening in London, call 020 7439 0888 today!

Smile More: Have Teeth Whitening in London

Did you know that being optimistic could help you to live longer? Numerous studies have linked positivity with general health and wellbeing.

But, if you’re a negative person, it can be hard to change and it’s not going to happen overnight. There are a few areas that you’ll need to work on, like looking for the silver lining (every cloud has one!). You will find that if you project positivity, those around you will act more pleasantly towards you and life will seem easier, win-win!

Changing your mind-set takes time and practice. Exercise is key here, so start working out. Whether it’s walking, jogging, cycling or gym-ing, in the words of the Nike ads, just do it. Get those endorphins pumping and enjoy the new buff you.

Your body is a temple, right? So look after it. One area of your body that often gets neglected is your mouth, yet poor oral health is linked with pneumonia, type-2 diabetes, heart attacks, strokes and complications during pregnancy. So open wide and let me examine your mouth. Do you floss? Do you brush your teeth for two minutes morning and night? Honestly? If you don’t, then start. A fresher mouth leads to a healthier body! And why not treat yourself to teeth whitening in London too? It will give you the incentive to keep those teeth clean and it will make you feel good. Teeth whitening in London will also make you want to smile, which research shows is the great stress reliever. What could be more positive than that?!

For more information on tooth whitening in London, call 020 7439 0888 today.

Be Festival Fabulous: Have Teeth Whitening in London

Festival season is very much upon us, with the Isle of Wight and Download festivals coming to town next weekend. If you think these events are full of smelly, hippy types, you are wrong. So very wrong.

Gone are the days of crawling out of your tent in a beery haze. Nowadays, festivals are all about fashion and boho glamour. If you don’t believe me, check out the pictures from Coachella, which really does lead the way in festival fashion etiquette. Deciphered, that means being effortlessly chic. Although you DO actually need to make an effort.

Where to begin? Let’s start with hair. Wash it for first day freshness and arm yourself with dry shampoo, hairspray, hair grips, headbands and hats. For the fastidious among you, take mini bottles of shampoo and conditioner. If it’s warm, you can do the head-upside-down-with-a-bottle-of-water wash and leave it to dry in the sun. Think I’m crazy? Think no one washes at a festival? Well, my friends, I have done this, it’s very possible! Although you may need to rope in a friend for some help.

Moving on, nothing says easy glam better than a healthy, white smile. First things first, take a toothbrush and toothpaste. There’s no need for dodgy breath now! But here’s my festival tip if the century… Have teeth whitening in London before you go. This will guarantee your smile is a cut above the rest and give you that polished, glamorous look without the effort! Not only that, tooth whitening in London will help give you an overall healthy look, essential for laid-back chic.

Keep your make up effortless and simple. There’s no need for a full face of foundation but instead try a tinted moisturiser, a flick of eyeliner and a sweep of mascara. Effortless, remember. My final tip is footwear. From wellies to sandals and everything in between, the choice is yours, just make sure it’s comfortable!

For more information on teeth whitening in London, call 020 7439 0888 today.

Teeth Whitening In London: Baby Shower, Sorted!

It may be an American tradition but baby shower fever is sweeping the UK at a rate of knots. If you’re not sure what I’m on about, it’s a way of pampering a mum-to-be by surrounding her with her female friends and family. Everyone gets together to shower the mum-to-be with gifts that will be useful when the baby arrives, playing games (not essential) and generally having a good laugh before her world is turned upside down.

On the subject of gifts, it’s a tricky one because you never know what’s already been bought or how much to spend. Do you opt for something handy like muslin cloths and nappies – you can even buy ‘nappy cakes’ these days ­– or choose some teeny tiny baby clothes instead?

As always, I’m here to help. There’s a fab company called Baby Blooms that create baby bouquets, these consist of baby clothes folded up to look like a bouquet of flowers. Its genius and does create a bit of a wow factor. I did also mention nappy cakes, for the more practically minded guest.

Alternatively, you can opt to buy something for mum. Let’s face it, after she’s carried that baby around for nine months and delivered him/her, she’s going to fancy a bit of pampering. Spa days are an option here but in my experience many new mums just don’t want to be parted from baby for an entire day soon after they’re born. One solution is teeth whitening in London. You can get the entire baby shower party to club together and chip in for a wonderful treat that she can look forward to.

Obviously mum can’t have the tooth whitening in London treatment while she’s pregnant or breast feeding but knowing she’s due to have teeth whitening in London is sure to put a smile on her face.

If your baby shower party fancies treating their mum-to-be to teeth whitening in London, call 020 7439 0888 today!

The Whole Tooth

How many times have you walked past teeth whitening in London kiosks in shopping centres or seen posters in your local beauty salon offering tooth whitening in London, all for low prices?

Seems to good to be true, doesn’t it? That’s because it is, sadly.

What the majority of the public is blissfully unaware of is that tooth whitening in London is the practice of dentistry. This means that beauticians and whitening kiosks are offering an illegal service. Only dentists – and dental professionals under the supervision of a dentist – can legally offer teeth whitening in London.

I can hear your woeful cries of ‘Why? The tooth whitening in London treatment at the dentist is so expensive!’ The reason is simple, they’re your teeth and you only get one set. Unlike a dodgy haircut, if you damage your teeth they don’t grow back, you need to take special care of those gnashers!

And on the subject of price, it needn’t be expensive, not at the right place. The Smile Studio is currently offering a whopping 33% off in-surgery teeth whitening in London that comes with a take-home kit for maximum smile appeal. The best news is that it’s only £395, with the peace of mind that it’s being carried out legally, by trained dental professionals.

What’s not to love? For more information on legal teeth whitening in London, call 020 7439 0888.

Summer Savings: Teeth Whitening in London

We’re all there, saving up for something fabulous. Whether it’s a holiday, a house, a wedding or even tooth whitening in London, there’s no reason not to treat yourself in the meantime. You just have to be a bit savvy and hunt out the bargains to justify the splurge!

So your first bargain buy is teeth whitening in London. You think I’ve lost the plot, don’t you? Well, this little beauty isn’t as expensive as you’d think. With a whopping 33% off, the perfect white smile could be yours for just £395. And for that you get in-surgery power whitening and a home treatment kit. Not only is it kind to your purse, but having tooth whitening in London will also give the perfect excuse to smile when you’ve finished saving up for that dream purchase.

Crave a new hairdo but don’t want to splash the cash? Look out for salons needing models. They’ll have taken on some trainees but don’t be scared; I usually find they work directly under the supervision of the salon’s top stylist. This means you get the cut you crave, at a snip of the price (see what I did there?!).

Ever dreamed of being perfectly fuzz-free with no need for razors or wax? Laser hair removal is surprisingly more affordable than you’d think. My top tip here is to always opt for laser over IPL. You will find prices for IPL are lower but there is a reason for this, it’s not as good! Many top clinics will offer package deals or money off offers, and many will also provide finance too, so you can spread the cost. Check out as an example.

So there you have it, three highly desired, often expensive buys at a real bargain – giving you no need to feel guilty even if you are saving. For more information on teeth whitening in London, call 020 7439 0888 today.

Have Teeth Whitening In London: Dazzle Them at the Dreaded Reunion

Reunions. They’re like leopard print – a horrid fashion craze.  I don’t know why. Maybe we should blame all these TV shows that are getting old bands going again. Whatever the reason, there’s always someone who wants to ‘get the old class/group/work lot’ back together.

In some instances, it could be 10 years or more since you’ve seen some of these people and, let’s be honest here, there’s probably a good reason for that.

However, if you’ve committed to go then the fear has probably kicked in that maybe you’re not quite the slim, young thing you once were and, OMG, what WILL they say? The advice I should give you here is that it’s fine, there’s nothing to worry about, if they do think that it’s their problem anyway. Forget that, there are things you can do about this!

There’s no escaping that you are older than the last time you all met up. The good news is there are a few little tricks that will help disguise it. Tooth whitening in London will rejuvenate your smile by getting rid of the stains you’ve been acquiring over the years. A brighter smile will fill you with confidence too, so it’s definitely worth booking a trip to Smile Studio for teeth whitening in London.

You could opt for some light Botox but that’s a little extreme, instead try a new skincare regime. Personally, I swear by Liz Earle’s Hot Cloth Cleanse and Polish followed by her Skin Tonic. You will see instant results and used over time this stuff just keeps getting better!

Gained a few pounds? Well use this as the perfect excuse to get out and do something about it. We’re finally seeing some decent weather so dust your trainers off and get outside for a run (or a walk, you can build up to a run). If you’re a gym member but have been a little lazy of late then get down there, quick sharp. Simply starting to do some exercise will get your endorphins going and you’ll feel ready to face that reunion!

To find out more about teeth whitening in London, call 020 7439 0888.