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Rebel Wilson has teeth whitening in London

Australian actress, producer and writer, Rebel Wilson is famed for starring in Hollywood blockbusters including Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect, A Few Best Men and What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

On her most recent trip to the UK, she popped in for a spot of teeth whitening in London with her sister, Liberty in preparation for her appearance on the Graham Norton Show. She tweeted, “Today, seeing as I was in London I went to see the amazing Dr Wyman Chan and got my teeth whitened! Too easy!!”

We think you’ll agree that Rebel is more than ready to light up the big screen again with her gleaming smile! She is slated to appear in Pitch Perfect 3 and Nasty Women. Both movies are due for release later in the year.

For a beautiful Hollywood smile like Rebel’s, book your appointment to have teeth whitening in London by calling us today on 020 7439 0888.

Don’t Give Your Teeth A Grilling

Memo to Miley: a bright, white smile is everyone’s best fashion accessory. Have teeth whitening instead. Golden grills are just tacky.

In her “We Can’t Stop” music video, Miley Cyrus is seen rocking a blinging pair of grills and now from Justin Bieber and Rihanna to Madonna and Amanda Bynes, everyone’s at it.

Miley is currently collaborating with Justin Beiber, who has been pictured sporting his own upper and lower grills. Hoards of “Beliebers” took to Twitter and on the whole, they were not keen.

Nothing screams pimped out rapper like diamond grills. Having recently branded Miley Cyrus as ‘ugly,’ aspiring rapper, Amanda Byrne reportedly asked for a mouthpiece just like Miley’s, except hers will be in rose gold and feature pink diamonds, according to an Instagram post by jeweller Ben Baller. We think she’d be better off refreshing her smile with teeth whitening in London.

Not one to be outdone by the Hannah Montano actress, in a recent Instagram post, the Queen of Pop was snapped biting down on a sword with her golden grills. Perhaps they are on dentist’s order for the “secret project” she’s been posting about recently.

In a teaser video, thought to be part of the music video ‘Bow Down’ hidden on her website, Beyonce got in on the grill game too. A while back, she even Tumblr-ed herself rocking a vampire-like bottom grill and a huge pair of Obama earrings.

Rihanna is a repeat offender when it comes to wearing mouth bling. In a recent Instagram photo (captioned, “I’m an outlaw b-tch.!!”) the singer bared her bottom teeth to show off her diamond-encrusted mouthpiece.

So what do you think: Do the stars look good with grills? Isn’t it nicer to flash a healthy set of pearly whites? We think so. If you want to make your best accessory your smile, why not call us today on 020 7439 0888?

Stay A-Header The Rest

If your teeth are as stained as the Euro 2013 women’s post-match footie kit, have a no obligation consultation with Dr. Wyman Chan, the benchmark for teeth whitening in London.

Before you get friendly, make sure your smile is up to scratch. Love is a game of two halves, after all. Look like a stud thanks to the Smile Studio London treatment and if you book over the summer, you’ll save 33% off the full price of the treatment. She’ll be at your Beckham call in no time thanks to this powerful combination of chairside and home whitening.

Can’t manager BRIGHT, white smile? Play-er blinder and opt for the Get2Smile treatment, which is every superstar’s beauty must have. This is the exact treatment you get at the dentist. You just do it yourself in the comfort of your own home and the results are as remarkable as anything you get in the dentist’s chair. It even comes complete with a heat device to push the gel inside the structure of the tooth at lightning speed, attacking stains along the way. Your teeth will be as white as the goal posts in no time.

If your smile’s a bit of a howler, tackle those stains using Perfect Trays. Dr. Wyman Chan will take impressions of your teeth and send you away for an hour before you return to the clinic to collect your trays and gel. Worn for 28 days, your pearlies will look as perfectly polished as those pre-match footie boots before you know it.

Make sure people are whistling at you for the right reasons. If your smile is flag-ging, make a booking to have teeth whitening in London today by calling 020 7439 0888.

Behind The Scenes: Alfred Tan

Alfred is the chief financial officer of teeth whitening in London dentist Dr. Wyman Chan’s clinic at Smile Studio London.

Alfred hails from tropical coastal city, Sandakan in Borneo where temperatures soar all year around. Sandakan plays host to a thriving ecotourism industry. “Watch turtles lay eggs or share a cheeky smile with an Orang Utan, Sandakan is an animal lover’s paradise,” says Alfred. He vividly remembers life in Sandakan, running home from school, dumping his satchel and running into the sea, which was just a stone’s throw away from the house.

Alfred was born into a family of seven other brothers and sisters. An extremely close family, now that they are spread around the world, Alfred either holidays in Canada and Malaysia, spending time with them whenever he can. It was his brother, teeth whitening in London dentist Wyman, who brought him over, “I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, so Wyman convinced our mother to let me join him in the UK.”

At the ripe young age of 18, Alfred arrived in Great Britain during the groovy seventies to find his brother sporting long hair and flares. “It took me by surprise,” said Alfred, who sat his O ’Levels in Sunderland, where he developed in a keen interest in films. “It was so cold I used to sit in the cinema all day watching movies.” After his studies, Alfred joined Wyman in London. He found a job at a two-partner accountancy firm until Wyman persuaded him to join his business. Alfred and Wyman lived above one of Wyman’s practices in East Dulwich for some time until Wyman met his wife, Nicole.

Alfred now lives a quiet life with his big HD TV in Lambeth Borough. He particularly enjoys BBC documentaries including Planet Earth and Panorama and old British comedies like Fawlty Towers and the Two Ronnies.

To book an appointment to have teeth whitening in London, email or call 020 7439 0888.

Behind The Scenes: Amy Cuthbertson

Amy is teeth whitening in London dentist, Dr. Wyman Chan’s Global PR & Social Media Director. Her responsibilities include international communications strategy and delivery, team management, celebrity endorsement, designing, copy writing and more.

Amy has previously worked at companies including Max Clifford Associates, JCPR/ Edelman and Freud Communications. Clients have included Simon Cowell, Duncan Bannatyne, the Olsen twins, BAFTA and Warner Bros.

Amy started working with teeth whitening in London dentist, Dr. Wyman Chan agency-side in 2006 before becoming a freelance communications consultant. Wyman re-approached Amy to come back to work for him in 2010 and the rest is history.

Partial to a homemade Italian meal, Amy is a bit of a ‘muso’ and loves going to gigs with her brother, Lewys. Perhaps she’ll grow out of it one day. An animal lover, Amy is never happier than when she is horse riding or walking Toby, her Shih Tzu.

Just recently married, Amy has swapped heels for wellies and moved from London to Bristol with her husband Jonathan and now works from home for teeth whitening in London dentist, Dr. Wyman Chan.

You can contact Amy via email:

Behind The Scenes: Shuyi Sheng

24-year-old Shuyi Sheng is the promoting teeth whitening in London dentist, Dr. Wyman Chan’s practices in China and the newest member of the team. Initially Shuyi’s responsibilities include Weibo and Renren community management and blogger relations.

An only child born to a housewife and a back office administrator at a bank, Shuyi grew up in Shanghai and studied at Xianda College of Economics and Humanities, Shanghai International Studies University. Having grown up on a diet of Harry Potter, Notting Hill and Jane Austen, perhaps it was only natural that Shuyi would be drawn to the UK at some point in her life. Therefore she chose to study Business and Financial Management at Hull University and arrived in the UK at just 21 years of age. Immersing herself in University life, she quickly built a strong network of international friends from England, Lithuania, France and Italy. From punting in Cambridge to BBQs with friends and from visiting the TATE Britain and Madame Tussauds in London, Shuyi has truly taken to life in Great Britain like a duck to water.

As a London Chinatown Chinese Association volunteer, she was named the 2013 event manager for both the Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festivals in London. She was subsequently voted ‘volunteer of the year’ by the British Chinese Project, an all party parliamentary Chinese in Britain group. She even DJ-ed on Spectrum Radio in Clapham.

Shuyi is currently based in Canning Town and will shortly be returning to Shanghai to take up her new post as social media executive publicising teeth whitening in London dentist, Dr Wyman Chan‘s practices in China.

You can reach Shuyi by emailing

Behind The Scenes: Jacqueline Sadler

Jacqueline Sadler is the general manager of Dr. Wyman Chan’s teeth whitening in London dental clinic at Smile Studio London. Her responsibilities include training and managing staff, overseeing the lab, dental nursing, invoicing, liaising with customers and quality assurance. She even rolls up her sleeves and does a spot of cleaning now and then.

Jacqueline joined Dr. Wyman Chan over 25 years ago when her ex-boss retired and Wyman purchased his practice. In a baptism of fire, Jacqueline suddenly found herself managing seven of Dr. Wyman Chan’s practices around London and Surrey. When Wyman sold his practices and became a dedicated teeth-whitening dentist, Jacqueline trained in the art and science of teeth whitening in London.

Along with her three brothers, teeth whitening in London dental professional, Jacqueline was born in Bexley Heath, Kent. A keen Tottenham Hotspur fan, when her nephew’s team needed a referee, Jacqueline enrolled herself on a basic referee’s course, so her Sundays are usually spent on muddy fields! Afterwards, it’s back to Jacqueline’s house, which is usually full to bursting with her husband, her brothers and their wives and children all filing in to taste one of her famous roast dinners.

Jacqueline and her husband, retired policeman, Steve have spent the last 13 years travelling to the US and recently bought a holiday home in Florida, so Jacqueline is usually sporting an enviable tan in the office! For her 20th anniversary working for Dr. Wyman Chan, she and Steve climbed the Great Wall of China. A keen swimmer and an avid reader, Jacqueline’s favourite book has to be Pride And Prejudice by Jane Austen. Secretly a bit of a muso; from Frank Sinatra to George Michael, name a concert and she’s probably been.

Jacqueline is an integral figure at Dr. Wyman Chan’s clinic. Her GDC number is 154023 and you can contact her by calling 020 7439 0888 or emailing her at

S-Miles Better Thanks To Teeth Whitening in London

Are your teeth are as yellow as the Jamaica team’s kit? Then hop, skip and jump your way to Dr. Wyman Chan’s clinic to examine the triple gold of teeth whitening in London treatments.

If your smile is a hurdle you can’t get over, go the extra mile and have the Smile Studio London treatment. Just 90 minutes in the dentist’s chair will give you that photo finish and can maintain your personal best using trays and gel at home for just £395 (marked down from £595). You’ll be lapping up the attention in no time.

For a record smile, be on your marks, get set and go for the award-winning Get2Smile teeth whitening in London treatment. This is the same power whitening you get at the dental clinic; you just do it yourself at home. You paint on the gel yourself, switch on the heat device and wait for it to turn itself off when your treatment is complete. The heat pushes the gel inside the structure of the tooth in record time, attacking stains along the way. You can baton a bright, white smile in just 5 days.

Don’t get disqualified for a foul smile. Race down to see Dr. Wyman Chan. He’ll take some impressions of your teeth and within an hour your gel and trays will be ready for collection. Wear them for between two and four weeks and you’ll be on track to win top marks for your smile.

Call us today on 020 7439 0888 to ‘discus’ your teeth whitening in London treatment options.

Tyring of Yellow Teeth?

If your teeth are as yellow as Chris Froome’s Tour de France jersey, get your bootie down to Dr. Wyman Chan’s clinic for teeth whitening in London. He’ll give you a knock out smile in no time.

If your smile looks like it’s been hit with a bag of spanners, kick those stains to the curb and have the Smile Studio London treatment. Costing £395, it’s currently reduced by 33 per cent and you get 90 minutes in the dentist’s chair and a month’s worth of home teeth whitening in London for this knock down price. Your teeth will be as white as the tips of the Pyrenees before you know it.

Make sure everyone lycras your smile. Stop pedaling poor pearlies and follow a wheel to Dr. Wyman Chan’s clinic to unchain yourself from stains, using Get2Smile. It’s the exact same power teeth whitening in London treatment you get at the dental clinic; you just do it yourself at home. For a stage-winning smile, look no further.

Give your smile some bling on the Champs-Élysées. Sprint down to Dr. Wyman Chan’s clinic and pick up some Perfect Trays. With all that extra pulling power, you’ll be sure to cross the finish line with the object of your affection. Being amongst the singles will be a thing of the past thanks to this teeth whitening in London treatment!

Give your smile some panache. Call us today to book your teeth whitening in London appointment on 020 7439 0888.

East Meets West

IMG_0910On Thursday 4 July, the authority on teeth whitening in London, Dr. Wyman Chan attended a business-networking soiree entitled ‘East – West.’ Strictly by invitation only, it was designed to enable British and Chinese businesses to meet and discuss investment and trading opportunities in the UK and China. Held at Roux, RICS on Parliament Square in London, the event featured guest speaker, The Rt. Hon. Dr. Vince Cable MP, Business Secretary.

Teeth whitening in London dentist, Dr Wyman Chan joined a host of delegates to listen to Vince Cable declaring Britain open for business. Chinese investment and tourism is key to Britain’s economic recovery. He argued that Britain could benefit from China’s growth. Cable said that the Chinese are keen to invest in and visit Britain, but the current visa system is riddled with red tape and therefore stifling inward investment. He argued for a system that attracts skilled migrants, international students and business visitors.

Teeth whitening in London dentist, Dr. Wyman Chan even won a signed copy of Cable’s Storm: The World Economic Crisis And What It Means. Hopefully, it will be an electric read!