Better Brushing Techniques Will Keep Your Teeth Healthy and White for Longer

The effects of having your teeth professionally whitened by Dr Wyman Chan in London can be pretty astounding, especially if you have chosen to opt for the chair side method of whitening that produces results within a very short space of time. But did you know that improving your brushing techniques could help your teeth and gums stay healthy for longer?

Better Brushing Techniques Prolong the Effects of Teeth Whitening in London

You’ll have been given a clean bill of health before having any type of whitening treatment at the Smile Studio in London, so you’re already starting from a good position! This is good news as many people can find it painful to brush and floss effectively, and this can put them off doing this essential chore. The whole point of cleaning your teeth twice a day is to help remove the plaque bacteria and excess food particles that collect on the teeth and gums. The bacteria create a biofilm over the surface of the teeth which can feel slightly sticky if you run your tongue over them at the end of a long day. This biofilm needs to be removed as effectively as possible through brushing and flossing. However it’s pretty easy to miss essential areas of your teeth, and approaching it methodically can help to reduce or eliminate this risk.

One of the easiest ways to methodically clean your teeth is to think of your mouth being split into four different sections, or four different quadrants. You can then make sure you clean each quadrant thoroughly before moving on to the next section of your mouth. If you use an electric toothbrush you might already practice this technique, as most alert you every time 30 seconds have passed. This should be enough time to clean the outer, inner and chewing surfaces of your teeth in that section. Some people find it helpful to watch themselves in the mirror while brushing, as this can make it easier to see which sections might be missed out. Holding the brush at a 45 degree angle will help ensure it reaches right down to, and just below the gum line, as this area can be especially prone to plaque building up.

It is also essential to clean your tongue, as this can harbour large amounts of bacteria. In addition if you like to drink red wine, or eat other highly coloured foods then you might’ve noticed your tongue changes colour afterwards. Cleaning the tannins or other colourings from your tongue will help protect the effects of tooth whitening in London.

Choosing the Right Brush for Teeth Whitening in London

Choosing the right brush can make it a lot easier to clean teeth thoroughly. One common mistake is to choose a brush head that is simply too large to get right into all the little nooks and crannies. If your mouth is particularly small you may even want to choose a child sized toothbrush. It really doesn’t matter so long as it does the job effectively. Some toothbrushes are designed to help keep teeth whiter for longer, and they’ll help to remove more of the surface stains. Lastly, don’t forget to floss. This is absolutely crucial for helping your teeth and gums to stay healthy, and it’ll help maintain and prolong the effects of teeth whitening in London.