Behind The Scenes: Jacqueline Sadler

Jacqueline Sadler is the general manager of Dr. Wyman Chan’s teeth whitening in London dental clinic at Smile Studio London. Her responsibilities include training and managing staff, overseeing the lab, dental nursing, invoicing, liaising with customers and quality assurance. She even rolls up her sleeves and does a spot of cleaning now and then.

Jacqueline joined Dr. Wyman Chan over 25 years ago when her ex-boss retired and Wyman purchased his practice. In a baptism of fire, Jacqueline suddenly found herself managing seven of Dr. Wyman Chan’s practices around London and Surrey. When Wyman sold his practices and became a dedicated teeth-whitening dentist, Jacqueline trained in the art and science of teeth whitening in London.

Along with her three brothers, teeth whitening in London dental professional, Jacqueline was born in Bexley Heath, Kent. A keen Tottenham Hotspur fan, when her nephew’s team needed a referee, Jacqueline enrolled herself on a basic referee’s course, so her Sundays are usually spent on muddy fields! Afterwards, it’s back to Jacqueline’s house, which is usually full to bursting with her husband, her brothers and their wives and children all filing in to taste one of her famous roast dinners.

Jacqueline and her husband, retired policeman, Steve have spent the last 13 years travelling to the US and recently bought a holiday home in Florida, so Jacqueline is usually sporting an enviable tan in the office! For her 20th anniversary working for Dr. Wyman Chan, she and Steve climbed the Great Wall of China. A keen swimmer and an avid reader, Jacqueline’s favourite book has to be Pride And Prejudice by Jane Austen. Secretly a bit of a muso; from Frank Sinatra to George Michael, name a concert and she’s probably been.

Jacqueline is an integral figure at Dr. Wyman Chan’s clinic. Her GDC number is 154023 and you can contact her by calling 020 7439 0888 or emailing her at